TV Star Known For Her Role In ‘The Honeymooners’ Dies At 99

Joyce Randolph, best known for her portrayal of Trixie Norton on the iconic TV show “The Honeymooners,” has peacefully passed away at the age of 99. The actress died in her sleep in New York City on Saturday, January 14, 2024, as confirmed by her son Randy to TMZ the following day. Joyce Randolph held a significant place in television history as the last surviving member of the main cast of “The Honeymooners.”

The beloved star was in hospice care, grappling with the effects of old age in her final days. Born in 1924 in Detroit, Michigan, Randolph became a household name for her role in the popular sitcom that aired from 1955 to 1956. “The Honeymooners” centered around the humorous yet relatable lives of Ralph Kramden, played by Jackie Gleason, and his wife Alice, portrayed by Audrey Meadows. The couple navigated the ups and downs of life in a Brooklyn apartment building, often interacting with their neighbors, Trixie and Ed Norton, played by comedian Art Carney.

Randolph’s journey into the entertainment industry began with a role in the play “Stage Door” in the early 1940s. She later moved to New York City in 1943 to pursue her acting dreams. A breakthrough came when she appeared in a chewing gum commercial for Clorets, catching the attention of Jackie Gleason. This led to her involvement in Gleason’s variety show, “Cavalcade Of Stars,” and eventually, a pivotal role in “The Honeymooners.”

“The Honeymooners” became an American classic, depicting the lives of ordinary people navigating the challenges of New York City. The show’s memorable lines, including Gleason’s famous “To the moon!” and “Hardy har har,” contributed to its legendary status. Despite its short run of 39 episodes in one year, the show left its mark on television history.

Randolph’s post-“Honeymooners” career faced challenges as directors hesitated to cast her due to her strong association with the character Trixie. Despite this, she maintained her love for acting and the entertainment industry.

Joyce Randolph married Richard Lincoln Charles, a wealthy marketing executive, on the day after “The Honeymooners” premiered in 1955. Richard Charles passed away in 1997 at the age of 74. The couple had a son, Randolph Richard Charles, born in 1960, who pursued a career in marketing.

In lieu of flowers, Randolph’s family has requested that donations be sent to the Entertainment Community Fund. According to her son Randy, Joyce Randolph will be cremated, leaving behind a legacy as an integral part of television history and the timeless charm of “The Honeymooners.”