Valerie Bertinelli Shares Candid Story About Being Mocked About Her Appearance

Valerie Bertinelli is opening up about her mental health and a “hidden bruise.” On Monday February 12, 2023, Bertinelli posted a video on Instagram where she was walking while talking to the camera. In the video, besides Bertinelli’s voice, we hear a swishing sound as she walks.

Bertinelli explained, “I’m giggling because I had a small, hidden bruise that was activated today. You can probably hear them because my pants are rubbing together and it makes this particular sound.” Her pants were making a swishing sound as she walked.

Bertinelli explained that she “stopped wearing” these particular pants after being “mercilessly mocked” by an ex who used to tell her that her pants wouldn’t make that sound if she wasn’t so lazy and lost weight.

Then Bertinelli explained what she means by a “hidden bruise.” She said, “Hidden bruises are something that emotional, verbal, mental abuse do to you that people can’t see.”

She added, “The work that I’m doing on healing is working, so it’s making me giggle now. I put these pants away forever.” After woking on healing her hidden bruise, she can “wear them, hear that sound, and that’s the sound of freedom to me.”

Bertinelli ended her post by explained that she was hesitant to post this video because she expected there to be comments telling her to “move on” and “let go of it.” She decided to post it anyway because “this is called moving on. This is called healing. And to all of you that can identify with this and feel seen, welcome. I’m just another part of your tribe.”

Many people were very supportive of her video in the comments. One person wrote, “Healing isn’t linear. But look at you surviving and thriving!”

Another comment reads, “Thank you for sharing the concept of hidden bruises.”

Yet another follower explained, “So proud of you! You and your strength are an inspiration to so many!”

Watch the video below to learn more about Bertinelli’s journey to healing from pain in her past.

Can you relate to the concept of “hidden bruises”? Do you have any “hidden bruises”? Have you ever worn a pair of pants that made a swishing sound when you walked?