Venus Holes On Your Back: What They Reveal About You

Discover the meaning behind the two mysterious back holes and find out how they make you truly special. Learn more.

Venus holes, located opposite the naval area, hold significance. If you possess two of these holes, you’re considered special.

The small circles on the lower back, known as Venus holes in women and Apollo holes in men, hold intriguing significance.

These holes, located near the pelvic region, are determined by genetics and ligament size. They cannot be chosen or avoided.

What do Venus holes signify?

They represent excellent body circulation, indicating a healthy body and facilitating easier orgasms.

They are found where no muscle exists. They are innate and cannot be created. However, exercises can enhance visibility by reducing excess fat.

While the two back holes serve no specific purpose, they add an appealing aesthetic. Enhance their beauty with a captivating tattoo, and watch yourself exude sheer fabulousness.

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