We now honor dog Geo, who saw a problem and saved a life.

There is no more devoted and loyal friend than a dog.

Just ask 25-year-old Byron, who, but for his canine pal Geo, wouldn’t be here today.

After a relationship ended, Byron, a resident of Gloucester, England, developed a severe case of depression. To ease his pain and his demons, he hit the bottle.

After several months of heavy drinking, Byron built a noose and sent his family a final letter before taking his own life.

He decided to end his life and was prepared to do so.

There was one person in the home who, however, resisted watching his best friend say farewell.

Byron Taylor, 25, felt like he had reached his lowest point and couldn’t see a way out.

He constructed a noose one day when fully inebriated. According to the Daily Mail, he then walked downstairs to write a final message to his family.

But when Byron returned upstairs, he discovered that Geo had something in his mouth.

While Byron was downstairs, Geo, a six-year-old Welsh bullmastiff, was biting the rope. Geo resisted giving up the rope when Byron tried to take it back.

Initially, Byron believed Geo only desired to play. But he quickly saw that the dog was being serious. Geo gritted his teeth as if he would bite Byron if he attempted to wrestle the rope out of his mouth since he had somehow seen what Byron would do.

And the rope was in tatters when Geo finally let go of it.

If it weren’t for Geo, Byron claims he wouldn’t be alive today.

“In a sense, I believe Geo anticipated what I would accomplish. They have a sixth sense when it comes to this sort of thing. He was aware of a problem, claims Byron.

Geo’s rapid response thwarted Byron’s plan and altered his attitude.

Byron began making a lot of effort to deal with his sadness, but a few years later, he suffered another severe blow.

The prognosis for Geo’s severe tumor was just days to survive.

Byron paid for Geo’s medical bills through an online fundraiser, but the veterinarians could not rescue the dog, despite their best efforts.

To assist Geo in enjoying his final days to the utmost, Byron decided to do everything he could.

He will always be grateful to his best buddy for giving him the greatest gift—the gift of life—even though he is no longer with us.

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