We’re the world’s most tattooed OAPs – we have no regrets about inking 98% of our bodies

Meet the couple who have been crowned the World’s most tattooed OAPs four times in a row.

Charlotte Guttenberg, 76, and Charles Helmke, 81, from Melbourne, Florida, have spent a combined 2,000 hours in the tattooist’s chair in order to ink their bodies.

The couple, who met in a tattoo parlor in 2006 and eventually got together after feelings blossomed, both hold the Guinness World Record for being the most tattooed senior citizen in their respective genders.

Charlotte, who only began getting tattoos at the age of 57, has said that she has reached her limit after covering 98.75 per cent of her body in ink, and won’t be getting any more. 

Charles, who goes by ‘Chuck,’ still has some way to go, with 97.5 per cent of his body in tattoos. 

‘I consider myself a walking art gallery. Some people buy art and hang it on the walls – I have it on my body,’ Charlotte told the Daily Star.

‘Young people tell me I’m cool and how they wish their grandmothers were like that,’ she added.

Charlotte got her first tattoo at 57 in November 2006 as a birthday present after the death of her second husband, who had forbidden her from getting any.

That’s when she met Chuck, who offered to hold her hand while she got inked, and they began dating a year later.

She soon added more and more ink to the skin, holding a separate Guinness World record for the most feather tattoos on a person, with 216.

Only her head and her fingers have remained tattoo-free, but Charlotte had stressed that her tattoos don’t define her life or who she is.

Meanwhile, Chuck got his first tattoo when he was much younger, at the age of 18 in 1959 during his basic training with the US army.

While he got two more tattoos on the same day as he got his first one, Chuck waited 41 years before getting inked again.

He covered third-degree burns scars on his arms with sleeves and never looked back.

The former self-defense instructor also holds a separate title for most skulls tattooed on one person, with 376 spread over his 6ft 4ins frame.

He now has 97.5 per cent of his towering 6ft 4ins frame covered in ink and also holds the world record for the most skulls tattooed on a person, with a staggering 376.

Asked by the Independent in 2017 why they had chosen to have so many tattoos, they said: ‘Because we can. There is no limit on the amount anyone can have, it is only limited by your own desire.

‘It is up to the individual. We both have body suits that are Oriental and Spiritual in theme, although they are very different. Our tattoos tell the story we each want to tell. It seems we both have a lot to say’.

Both of them have a favorite tattoo. Chuck said his favorite was one he got in memory of his deceased wife, while Charlotte said the first tattoo she ever got was her most cherished. 

The couple are no strangers to stares, and have received some negative attention due to their inked appearance. 

However, they don’t take the remarks personally and have been able to brush them off, saying that if people don’t like their tattoos, they don’t have to look at them. 

Charlotte and Chuck have also been contacted by fans who love their tattoo and have asked them for ink advice. 

They have asked that young people often come up to them to start a conversation. 

The pair said in 2017 that it was an honor to receive their Guinness World Record.