What Happened To Macaulay Culkin? What The ‘Home Alone’ Star Is Doing In 2023

Back in the early ’90s, Macaulay Culkin was one of the biggest celebs on the planet. The child actor skyrocketed to fame at the tender age of 10, starring in a series of blockbuster films that earned him A-list status almost overnight.

But as he grew into adulthood, the New York native decided to step away from the spotlight and try to live a (relatively) normal life. So what has he been up to since his days of superstardom? Here’s a look at the life of Macaulay Culkin since his days as a child star.

His Early Retirement

Culkin followed his Home Alone run with a slew of other early ’90s films. However, by the time he hit the age of 14, the busy child actor decided he had had enough of life in the movie biz.

“When I could take control of my own life and make decisions solely for my benefit, I did,” Culkin said. “I kind of just said, I’m retired. I was going crazy by that point. I knew if I kept on doing it, I’d go nuts.”

Luckily, Culkin’s success as one of the biggest child actors of all time gave him the means to walk away from Hollywood while he was still young. He gained control of his finances at 18 and realized just how much he had earned. This newfound independence allowed him to treat everything like a hobby.

His Relationships And Family

After stepping away from the spotlight, Culkin pursued romantic relationships like any young adult. He married actress Rachel Minor in 1998, but the couple split two years later. In 2002, he started dating actress Mila Kunis, and they remained in a relationship for eight years. In 2017, Culkin began dating actress Brenda Song. The couple welcomed their son, Dakota, in April 2021 and announced their engagement in January 2022.

What Macaulay Culkin Is Doing Now

Despite wanting to leave acting behind at age 14, Culkin has continued to keep busy in the entertainment industry. He has made cameos and appeared in TV shows and movies, including Will & Grace, Party Monster, Saved!, Sex and Breakfast, and The Park. Culkin has also been featured in TV commercials and online ad campaigns. In 2021, he earned praise for his performance in American Horror Story: Double Feature, and in 2022, he appeared in two episodes of The Righteous Gemstones.

Ventures Outside Of Acting

Culkin has explored various projects and hobbies outside of Hollywood. In 2013, he formed the comedy rock band The Pizza Underground. The band performed parodies of songs by the Velvet Underground with pizza-themed lyrics and even gave out pizza during their live performances. Culkin also founded the satirical website Bunny Ears, where he serves as the CEO. He hosts a podcast with the same name, focusing on lifestyle content and humor. In 2021, Culkin made a runway appearance for Gucci, showcasing his interest in high fashion.

So while Macaulay Culkin may not be headlining major blockbusters these days, he has found his groove and is enjoying life on his own terms. He continues to pursue various creative endeavors and explore his interests outside of acting.