Who is the “loser” now? Look how the littlesister of Britney Spears has grown

The name of Britney Spears is spread all over the world as the prominent singer has created a successful career. She has had amazing songs and a great fame. Her fans considered her their idol. But time past and once adorable singer appeared in the center of illegal affairs and she lost all her fame and fortune just in a moment.

Meanwhile, her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who was always in the shadow of the briliant star and had never been popular, has become an actress and gained a huge recognition. She doesn’t have such a scandalous past and has tried to creat her own path in a fair way.

Jamie is also an attractive and beautiful woman. She could make also her personal life marrying to a businessman with whom she has a daughter. Unlike her sister, she lives peacefully and behaves herself like a respected and loved wife and mother.

By the way, the relationships between two sisters is not so nice. Jamie doesn’t communicate with Britney so often as she considers her acts so bold and outrageous. And earlier, Britney accused her sister for not beeing by her side in her difficult time.