Woman Becomes A Mom At 66 But Wait Till You See What Her Daughter Looks Like Now

In 2005, Adriana Iliescu made headlines around the world by becoming the oldest mother at the age of 66, a feat that landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records. For the past 14 years, she has faced societal criticism and rejection for her unconventional choice. However, her unwavering love for her daughter, Eliza, has helped her persevere in the face of adversity.

Adriana’s journey towards motherhood was far from conventional. At 20, she got married, but her husband vehemently opposed the idea of having children. Ultimately, their differences led to divorce. Devoting herself to her career as a university teacher in Romania, Adriana spent nine years grappling with infertility, attempting to conceive without success.

It was only when she turned 66 that she decided to explore in-vitro fertilization as a last resort. Her longing to experience motherhood was the driving force behind her decision, despite the significant risks.

As she embarked on her journey to become a mother, Adriana faced harsh judgment from society, with many condemning her decision as immoral. Nonetheless, she was determined to fulfill her dream.

After undergoing in-vitro fertilization, she became pregnant with triplets, but tragically, two of them did not survive. Eliza, her beloved daughter, was born prematurely and required an extended stay in the intensive care unit before regaining her strength.

Adriana, a devoutly religious individual, chose to baptize her daughter. However, during the ceremony, she endured reproachful glances from nuns and even overheard one of them referring to Eliza as a “product of a dark force.” Adriana, undeterred by the criticism, firmly believes that Eliza was a divine gift from God.

Wishing to secure her daughter’s future, Adriana made arrangements with the doctor who conducted the in-vitro procedure. In the event of Adriana’s passing, the doctor would become Eliza’s godfather and legal guardian until she reached adulthood.

In the eyes of many, Adriana is often perceived as Eliza’s grandmother. However, she has consistently demonstrated that her desire to become a mother went beyond mere selfishness. Having retired, Adriana was able to devote her undivided attention and time to raising her daughter.

Adriana, a teacher of Romanian language and literature and the author of more than 25 children’s books, has invested her knowledge and experience in raising Eliza. Her daughter, a science enthusiast and a talented student, has excelled in numerous school competitions. Eliza aspires to attend college in the future.

Despite the age gap, Adriana and Eliza share a profound bond rooted in love. Adriana’s dedication as a mother extends to supporting Eliza’s social life. At the age of 83, Adriana remains healthy and active, cherishing each moment as she watches her daughter transform into a remarkable young woman. This extraordinary mother-daughter relationship serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and the strength of a mother’s determination.