Woman in her 70s cuts off her long hair to appear 40 years old

Some women believe that wearing their hair longer enhances their physical attractiveness. But not Sarah Chisolm, a 70-year-old Boston native who wants a good makeover for her long but thinning locks.

Chisolm explained in a 2019 YouTube video that she was growing tired of her long hair. Though she was 73 at the time, the Boston woman said she felt 40 years old on the inside, but she didn’t have the right look to reflect that.

So Chisolm was willing to go shorter or dye her hair blue, green, or yellow if it would give her the “oomph” she needed to revitalize her appearance. She was desperate for a change because she grew tired of her hair.

Short hair, according to hair experts, looks better on older women because it is easier to maintain and keep healthy. Hair dries out as it ages because the hair follicle no longer produces enough sebaceous glands. As a result, aging hair in older women can become brittle and frizzy and wiry. When the woman wears her hair long, the dullness may be more visible.

The disadvantage of short hair is that it must be cut regularly. The maintenance may discourage some older women from getting haircuts as frequently as they should. Short haircuts, on the other hand, are very easy to work with and style, especially if the cut emphasizes the woman’s facial features and the shape of her face.

For her dazzling makeover, Chisolm turned to the Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, who has worked with many middle-aged and senior women. Hopkins owns and operates a hair salon in Minneapolis and St. Paul, producing content for his popular YouTube channel, which has over 551,000 subscribers.

Chisolm refers to Hopkins as the “Magic Man.” He has also written a book for women over 45. “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” a book, reveals age tips gracefully. After several years since its initial publication in 2017, it remains on the top-selling list for beauty, grooming, and style.

The Makeover Guy gave Chisolm a bouncy, volumizing hairstyle above the neck that matches her mood. Chisolm, who has wispy bangs and a youthful appearance, said she felt great about her hairstyle and was confident enough to say she’d be hitting up some guys if she went dancing. She also enjoyed visiting Hopkins’ studio.

“It’s just nice, not like a regular hair salon at home with noise and a hairdryer. “I’m in a good mood.”

Viewers who saw her transformation praised Hopkins’s transformation of her dull hair.

“Yes, she looks stunning…her high hairline deserved some bangs.”

“This does not even appear to be the same woman!” I like her hairstyle, and her makeup makes her look younger.”

“Wow! What a difference, she looks like a younger, more energetic woman.”

“I adore her vitality. Now that she’s happy with herself, she’s ready for a guy and some dancing. That is quite a boost. Thank you very much, MAKEOVERGUY.”

How incredible did Sarah Chisolm’s turn out? She appears to be pleased with the outcome as well! Tell your friends about the Makeover Guy’s work on her!