WWE legend John Cena is calling it quits

John Cena is calling it.

After 20 years, Cena revealed that he’s done with the WWE, officially announcing his retirement.

“Tonight, I officially announce my retirement from the WWE,” he said while standing in the middle of the wrestling ring.

WWE Legend John Cena Is Calling It Quits

The live announcement was met with a boisterous reaction.

“I hear a mixed opinion out there. A lot of questions maybe, right,” the WWE legend addressed the audience inside the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

Despite announcing his retirement on July 6, Cena revealed that he will be around until next year’s Wrestlemania 41 in Las Vegas, where he will make his final WWE appearance.

“I’m saving all my tears for Wrestlemania. Once he retires I will release everything I got,” a Cena fan wrote under his announcement.

“The end of Childhood Era starts now,” another fan wrote as more expressed their gratitude for all Cena brought to the WWE.

Several hours after publicly announcing his retirement, Cena took to his personal Instagram account.

While the actor didn’t say much, he posted a photo that said a thousand words.

The picture featured a blue sky with raise of sun peaking through clouds with a sign that read, “End of Story Just Ahead.”

“The 2025 Farewell Tour is going to be something special,” Chris Vanvliet wrote in the comments. “Thank you, Cena.”

“Thank you for everything.. your inspiration will live on through the next generation you heavily inspired, INCLUDING ME.”