Zach Roloff is getting honest about his relationship with his father

Zach Roloff is getting honest about his relationship with his father.

In the newest episode of his podcast with wife Tori Roloff, Zach is talking about how his relationship with his dad, Matt Roloff is doing. The decision to open up about this topic comes just a few weeks after Matt bared all in a Facebook post.

Zach Roloff Is Getting Honest About His Relationship With His Father

“How is your relationship with your dad,” Tori asked. “Oh, it’s not great,” Zach admitted. “It’s nonexistent, I guess.”

“People are still in denial, didn’t do anything wrong,” Zach explained. “And just, in my mind, it’s narcissism.”

“Everyone had a toxic relationship in their life,” Zach continued. “You put up with it so long, and eventually it’s like, I’m repeating myself way too much. This is not okay.”

As Zach continued, he brought up social media, seemingly pointing to his dad’s Facebook post, admitting that “nothing’s changed.”

And while Zach has his own opinion, he also questions if everyone is doing their best, going as far as to admit he’s not.

“There’s times I could have done better,” he added, to which Tori admits that’s what hurts her the most.

“You are a very forgiving person,” Tori told Zach. “But you have to put your foot down.” Something Zach agreed with.

“More time might heal,” Zach admitted, before Tori took some time to clear up the rumor that they are withholding their kids from Matt or mom, Amy. “There’s none of that going on.”

In the end, Zach admitted it was time for him to step away and focus on his family with Tori and their three kids.

In April, Matt Roloff took to Facebook to share his thoughts on where the reality show may be heading. Although Matt didn’t share any definite answers, he suggested that

*Little People, Big World *has likely come to an end.

“We completed our contract obligations and wrapped filming last September 2023,” Matt wrote on Facebook.

Matt’s comments regarding the fate of the show also comes after Zach and Tori added that they were done filming for the show regardless of the any new contracts being discussed.

As Matt continued, he offered updates on his four kids admitting that he had become closest with his youngest Jacob, who was actually the first of the children to leave the show. Jacob now works on the farm with Matt.

The patriarch then added that “I don’t get to see Zach and his adorable kids nearly as often as any of us would like,” saying that they don’t come to the farm often but are always welcome at their house.