4-year-old boy dies after falling from 4th-floor

A four-year-old boy tragically lost his life on Monday afternoon after falling from the fourth-floor window of a residential building located at 3301 Farragut Road in East Flatbush, New York City. The incident occurred around 3 p.m. and the site was promptly sealed off by the police to facilitate the ongoing investigation.

The child, having suffered severe head injuries from the fall, was immediately rushed to NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County. Despite the medical team’s best efforts, the young boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. The unfortunate incident has left the neighborhood shaken, with residents questioning how such a tragedy could have occurred.

According to witness accounts, the boy fell onto the concrete of an alleyway overlooked by the window. Residents nearby rushed to the scene to offer assistance, with eyewitnesses describing a scene where the injured child was laid on the ground, with attempts made to resuscitate him. Upon arrival, a police officer swiftly carried the child to a waiting ambulance.

Tragically, it was too late to save the boy. One of the emotional neighbors mentioned that by the time they saw the child, it was apparent that there was no life left in him. In the wake of this incident, the authorities are scrutinizing whether the window from which the boy fell had a guard installed. City regulations mandate window guards in apartments housing children under ten years old. Some neighbors mentioned seeing maintenance staff inspecting the window in question in their attempt to understand how the child fell.

This incident marks at least the sixth instance in the current year that CBS New York has reported a child falling from a window in New York City, which has sparked widespread concern among residents. Interestingly, despite the 18 open violations against the building, none of them pertain to window guards.

The landlord of the apartment building, Pinnacle Group, through a spokesperson, maintained that their records indicated the installation of window guards. However, the tragic death of the boy suggests a possible oversight or failure, which the ongoing police investigation seeks to clarify.