Travis Barker Recently Suffered From Trigeminal Neuralgia Episode

Travis Barker is having an unfortunate month of September. Just a couple weeks after his pregnant wife, Kourtney Kardashian, had a medical emergency, Travis shared some of the recent medical mishaps he experienced in recent weeks as the hits keep coming. Luckily, everyone is healthy and doing fine now.

“Last week I had covid, an episode of trigeminal neuralgia, and a root canal. Which means I can pretty much handle anything god throws at me,” Travis wrote on his X account on Friday (Sept. 29) morning. Of course, it comes at quite an inopportune time, considering he’s currently touring the world with his band.

It’s a good thing he’s feeling better now because Blink-182 has 13 tour dates scheduled for the month of October – including shows in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, the UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester), and Las Vegas – before they take a three-and-a-half-month break until February 2024.

Many of you might be asking yourself – “What is trigeminal neuralgia (TN)?” According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, TN is a chronic pain condition that ‘is sometimes described as the most excruciating pain known to humanity.’ The pain is generally felt in the lower face, jaw, and nose.

The ‘intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain is caused by irritation of the trigeminal nerve,’ which is a set of cranial nerves in the head – one nerve runs to the right side of the head, while another nerve runs to the left side of the head. Most patients only experience pain on one side of the head during an episode. 

The AANS estimates that roughly 150,000 people are diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia every year – it’s more common in those above the age of 50 and is twice as common in women than men. Most cases of primary or secondary TN are a result of added pressure on or around the trigeminal nerve in the head.

The most common symptoms of TN include ‘intensely sharp, throbbing, sporadic, burning or shock-like pain around the eyes, lips, nose, jaw, forehead and scalp.’ TN episodes can be triggered by a range of routine and/or minor actions – such as brushing your teeth, blowing your nose, eating, or even talking. 

Less than 10 minutes before he revealed his recent health problems, Travis Barker took to his X account to open up about his fear of flying – which originated in 2008 after he and his friend survived a plane crash that killed the other four people on board. Barker suffered third-degree burns all over his body. 

“I still hate flying. I love touring and playing music but I unfortunately associate traveling and flying with death. I am strong and nothing can keep me from living life though,” he wrote early Friday morning. Barker went 13 years without flying as a result of his PTSD, but his wife inspired him to get back into it. 

“She’s like, ‘I’m gonna spend the night with you. I’m staying the night with you and we’re gonna go to the airport.’ She just knew, and she stuck by me and toughed it out. And it was the best flight. And I wasn’t scared once,” he said of his first flight with his wife in 2021. It was a big step, but one he’s glad he took. 

Kourtney Kardashian needed urgent fetal surgery just a few weeks ago – which went well and ended up saving their first baby together. “I am eternally grateful to my husband, who rushed to my side from tour to be with me in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, my rock,” Kourtney said of the health scare.