A 9-year-old dies Police discover the catastrophic mistake 10 minutes after the girl poses with the message.

Nothing is better than sitting around the dinner table and listening to them discuss what kids learned that day at school. Education is, of course, a crucial aspect of any child’s upbringing.

Sadly, the Crustner family won’t have another event like this.

Payton Crustner, a young girl, had just posed for a picture to commemorate her first day of fourth grade when tragedy struck with grave repercussions.

Payton Crustner, then nine years old, was animated before the commencement of her first day of fourth grade.

Her life was taken from her before she could even enter the classroom.

After being in a tragic vehicle accident, Payton passed away. According to Houston KHOU TV, she was photographed triumphantly standing with a sign just ten minutes before the collision.

According to the authorities, Marcus Wayne Dukes, age 18, was driving on the highway when he made a left turn and drifted into oncoming traffic.

It didn’t take long for him to collide with Miranda Michelle Clark’s 32-year-old automobile. Payton, 9, her brother, 16, and an unnamed 3-year-old were the three kids riding in Miranda’s backseat.

Payton was flung out of the car following the collision, said KYTX TV station. She suffered severe injuries and was pronounced dead at the spot.

Mirada allegedly wore a seat belt while driving, but Payton only wore a lower belt, which was ineffective at keeping her securely fastened.

No seat belts were worn by Marcus Dukes, Payton’s sibling, and the unnamed 3-year-old.

The accident victims were immediately sent to the hospital, and Payton’s teenage brother is currently in critical condition.

Fortunately, the other three injured parties could leave the hospital with minor wounds.

Since then, a family member has begun a Facebook fundraising campaign, with all proceeds going toward Payton’s burial costs and her brother’s medical care. Nearly $18,000 has been raised so far.

Please keep this family in your thoughts, the post asks. “Payton Lynn Crustner, 9, was taken from this world this morning before her first day of fourth grade.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Payton’s family in these most trying times.

I’m hoping that by telling this tale, people will remember how crucial it is to buckle up. Even though it may seem obvious by this point, some people still disregard it.

Never forget that seat belts in front and back can be the most crucial safety component in a vehicle.

Please spread the word about this crucial message in the hopes that we can prevent more kids’ deaths.