Five months after receiving a diamond engagement ring, Cher and her partner of 40 years younger separated.

The much-discussed relationship between Cher, the iconic singer, and her younger boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, is over; the two have decided to part ways.

Several weeks ago, months after the two lovebirds officially declared their relationship, the 76-year-old Believe pop icon and Edwards, 36, reportedly called it quits.

When Cher tweeted in November 2022, “One part of my life is SO AMAZING,” her followers entered a frenzy.

Not shortly after, she set the record straight by posting a picture of her new lover and a heart emoji.

With the comment that “love doesn’t know math!” Cher confessed that she had previously introduced Edwards to the rest of her family. She probably remarked in response to those who questioned the two’s significant age difference (Alexander is 36 years old, while Cher is 76).

They asked questions, without a doubt.

Many people seized the chance to criticize the unusual pairing, but the couple seemed prepared to dismiss all naysayers.

As a response to those supporters who voiced their protectiveness, possibly believing Edwards had hidden agendas, Cher said: “As we All Know…I wasn’t born yesterday, and nothing is guaranteed despite what I can be sure of. Every time you choose, you run the risk. I’ve always gambled…”

When Cher uploaded a picture of a pricey-looking diamond ring around Christmas, she added that she had “no words” for Alexander, who is 40 years her junior. This fuelled suspicions of an engagement between the couple.

Alexander and Cher did not officially deny or confirm if it was an engagement ring, which caused the rumor mill to go into overdrive.

It was confirmed in March that the pair collaborated on tracks for Cher’s upcoming album. “Some of the songs Alexander gave me, so I’m pretty excited about that,” Cher said at the time to E! Online. I’m glad he does everything because he is a producer and a writer.

Since then, it has been revealed that the couple never had a legal engagement. E! Online said they ended their relationship amicably a few weeks ago.

Cher famously wed American musician Gregg Allman after her previous marriage to Sonny Bono ended in 1975.

Alexander, vice president of A&R at Dem Jam Recordings, was formerly dating Amber Rose for three years; the two of them have a son.

Let’s wish Cher and Alexander the best of luck in the future. Sometimes things don’t work out, but we’re glad they at least ended their relationship amicably.

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