A Baby Born in the US That Weighed 16 Pounds Caused a Stir. Here’s Where He Is Now, 40 Years Later

In 1983, an extraordinary event unfolded in the United States—the birth of a baby boy who tipped the scales at a remarkable 16 pounds. Four decades later, we find ourselves wondering, “How is he doing now?”

This remarkable tale begins with the arrival of Kevin Clark, a little child who made quite the entrance into the world. His birth caused quite a commotion as he set a record as the heaviest baby ever born in the United States.

When Patricia Clark, Kevin’s mother, was pregnant, she had high hopes that her child would inherit the tall stature that ran in her family. Little did she know that she was in for a surprise of epic proportions.

“After we returned from the hospital, we quickly realized that Kevin didn’t fit into our standard crib, and none of his clothes would suffice,” Patricia reminisces.

Kevin’s height soared past 5 feet by the time he was just 12 years old, presenting a constant challenge for his mother to find suitable clothing and shoes.

“It was an uphill battle, always needing to shop for new clothes,” she recalls.

With his size drawing attention, many encouraged Kevin to embrace physical activities, particularly basketball. However, Kevin’s interests lay elsewhere. He developed an avid passion for fishing and hunting, rather than chasing basketballs on the court.

As time went on, Kevin pursued a different path. He served in the United States Air Force and now proudly serves as a member of the state police force. At 39 years old, he stands at an impressive 6 feet and weighs in at 300 pounds.

Despite his remarkable journey, Kevin is no stranger to the notoriety that has followed him since his childhood. His size made him the subject of countless jokes and pranks, which were often sensationalized by the media. These experiences have left a lasting impact on Kevin, making it a sensitive subject best left untouched.

However, beneath the surface, Kevin is leading a fulfilling life. He has found his significant other, shares his days with a loyal canine companion, and is content with the path he’s chosen.

When asked about his basketball skills, Kevin offers a lighthearted response, “Do you play mini-golf?” It’s clear that Kevin’s journey has taken him in unexpected directions, but he’s found his own unique path to happiness.