Prince Harry Looks Like A Young Prince Charles And Fans Are Excited

Looking at photos of a young Prince Charles in 1976 one can’t help but notice the resemblance to his son, Prince Harry.

While Prince William has rarely been spotted wearing a beard, except for growing a (short-lived) beard in 2008, his brother Prince Harry has had a beard for a few years now which in a way has become his trademark. But there is someone else in their family who has been rocking some facial hair in the past, none other than their father, Prince Charles.

When we look at some older pictures that show a young Prince Charles wearing a beard, it’s hard to deny that he looks a lot like his youngest son, Prince Harry.

Not long ago people were talking about the stunning resemblance between Harry and his grandfather, Prince Philip, when an old french magazine surfaced that featured a younger version of Philip who has also been wearing a beard back then.

Now, as old photos of Prince Charles came to light and caught people’s attention, people begin to notice that Harry not only resembles his grandfather but also looks a whole lot like his father.

The viral photos of young Prince Charles wearing a beard were originally taken back in April and May of 1976 at the Badminton Horse Trials.

Just like his oldest son, Prince William, Charles has rarely been seen wearing any facial hair in public, therefore people were going wild over these pictures that show him with a full beard and as Express reports, they couldn’t stop pointing out the resemblance to his son, Prince Harry.

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