American Actor Who Starred In ‘Vanishing Point’ And ‘Petrocelli’ Dies At 92

Actor Barry Newman is best known for his role as Kowalski in the cult classic film “Vanishing Point” and as lawyer Anthony J. Petrocelli in the series “Petrocelli.” Other notable credits include “Bowfinger,” “Nightingales,” “Next Year in Jerusalem,” “The Limey” and “40 Days 40 Nights.”

Newman’s wife, Angela, told The Hollywood Reporter that her husband died of natural causes; however, according to his biography on IMDB, his cause of death was “complications from a heart and spine infection.” He was 92 years old, and he was in Manhattan, New York City, New York, at the time of his death on May 11, 2023.

Newman didn’t originally set out to become an actor. In fact, he went to college to study anthropology and ended up earned a B.A. in the subject at Brandeis University. While he was there, Lee Strasberg was also at Brandeis teaching a theater course. It was when Newman met Strasberg that Newman decided to pursue acting, but his acting career had to wait awhile.

After graduating form Brandeis, Newman was drafted in the army where he spent his service playing saxophone and clarinet in the army band. It wasn’t until after he was discharged that he was able start pursing an acting career.

Newman went to New York to study with Strasberg. His debut performance was as a jazz musician in “Nature’s Way.” Then he turned his attention to Broadway where he acted in multiple shows including a musical called “What Makes Sammy Run” and the Agatha Christie play “The Mouse Trap.”

After conquering Broadway, Newman turned his sights back to the screen and acted in “The Lawyer,” “Vanishing Point” and the TV series “Petrocelli” among other roles.

Watch the video below to hear Newman discuss his iconic role in the cult classic “Vanishing Point.”

Newman is survived by his wife, multiple nephews and his niece, Judith Newman, who is an author-journalist.

Rest in peace.