Mady Gosselin Accuses Brother, Collin Gosselin, of Physical and Verbal Abuse – Asks for Peace, Privacy, and Less Hate Mail

Mady Gosselin is setting the record straight when it comes to her ongoing feud with her younger brother, Collin Gosselin, but she doesn’t want you to pick a side. Instead, all she’s asking for is kindness, peace, privacy, and less hate mail – something she has allegedly received a lot of over the past few days. 

The 22-year-old took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to provide a little context and insight into her damaged relationship with Collin. She accused him of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, as well as being hateful toward others based on religion, gender identity, and even race.

She paints a very dark picture of who Collin is when the cameras aren’t rolling and made it known that she has no plans of reconciling with him in the near future – citing the large amount of trauma he has caused her and the rest of her family. She didn’t mince words and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. 

Mady Gosselin never wanted to take her issues with her brother public, but felt a need to ‘set the record straight’ because she has been ‘overwhelmed by hate messages’ recently – which stem from the harsh accusations made by Collin, their sister (Hannah Gosselin), and their father (Jon Gosselin) last week.

“I do not owe my allegiance to any person(s) who has physically threatened me and every member of my immediate family,” she wrote. “I will never allow someone who has exhibited hateful and even violent behavior toward others based on their racial identity, gender identity, or religious beliefs to be in my life.” 

She doesn’t feel a need to rebuild relationships with certain people after they reach the point of ‘physical violence and hate speech.’ While she can’t explain his behavior, she did confirm that Collin has physically threatened her and others in the family ‘as recent as last year’ – noting that his behavior is still an issue. 

Mady Gosselin goes on to acknowledge the ‘hundreds of people’ messaging her with ‘the most hurtful words you can imagine.’ In an effort to ensure everyone knew the ‘full truth’ of what the family has been through, she decided to speak out. Now, she’s asking for ‘peace and privacy (and no more hate mail).’

Mady Gosselin didn’t stop there – she had more to say The following morning, Mady took to her Instagram Story again to add one more (smaller) message about the ongoing rift between her and her brother, Collin – primarily in response to some of the comments she’s been seeing regarding the situation. 

While she admits she’s ‘not the authority on what trauma others have experienced,’ she took ownership of the trauma she has experienced. “To those of you saying my brother was a child who experienced trauma and so I must swiftly forgive and forget, please remember that I was a child too,” she added in her Story.

Mady emphasized that she does have empathy for her brother and what he was forced to go through as a child, but it doesn’t give him the right to traumatize those around him without consequence. “We are real people living real lives, not just characters on your TV,” she wrote – a notion that’s easy for fans to forget.

She concludes her rant by saying there’s so much the public will never know about her family and their personal lives, so there’s no need to ‘take sides.’ Instead, she wants to see a little more kindness in the world – with all the hateful messages and ‘hate mail’ she has received, Mady is ready for some positivity.