Bruce Willis, in serious condition

It has been several months since the family of legendary actor Bruce Willis disclosed that the star was experiencing health problems; however, it appears that the star’s brood is hoping for a miracle as they continue to grow even closer, particularly with his ex-wife and lifelong friend, actress Demi Moore.

An eyewitness who is familiar with the famous family recently revealed to Radar Online that “Demi has been in continuous communication with Bruce and Emma.” The insider was referring to Willis’ current spouse, model Emma Heming.

Due to the tight bond between them, the iconic member of Ghost is reportedly “taking every moment she can to spend time with him” in light of the actor’s challenges with the degenerative ailment, which can have an effect on a person’s ability to speak and communicate.

They provided the following about the tight bond that existed between the exes: “If she’s not there by his side, she’s calling on the phone just so Bruce can hear her voice.” Because they are aware that he will not be around forever, they are making the most of each and every minute.

It would appear that the holiday season has done nothing except bring the already close-knit tribe even closer together, which is not surprising considering how much the family seems to enjoy celebrating the winter holidays.

They added that Willis’ daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, whom he shares with Moore, and 30, Mabel Ray, and Evelyn Penn, whom he shares with Heming, “can’t imagine Christmas without Bruce.” “It was always a special time, the family traditions they loved continued, like their pajama parties and game nights,” they said.

“They said that the Die Hard star’s older children “miss the old Bruce — the one who used to taunt them about their relationships and offer them unsolicited advice.” “It’s been terrible to see him degenerate,” they said. “It’s been painful to see him deteriorate.”

On the occasion of Demi Moore’s 60th birthday, Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming sent her warm wishes and said, “We love you inside and out.”

Consequently, it has been extremely difficult for them to watch their father struggle with the illness.

“There are days when they see glimpses of the old Bruce, but they are brief and far between,” the source stated. “There are other days when they do not see any of the old Bruce.” “It looks as though he is becoming further and further away from them, and it tears their hearts. All they can do is remind him that they love him and beg for a holiday miracle,” they continued.