Celebrities Who Traded The Red Carpet For Normal Jobs

When we think of Hollywood, we think of the glitz, glamour, and money money money! However, it’s not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Despite the fame and recognition most of these celebrities have gotten, they ended up leaving Hollywood for the regular nine to five life. While most of us are sitting at our desks wishing we could live that star lifestyle, some of our favorite celebs are probably wishing they could fade into the corner cubicle. Continue reading to see which Hollywood personalities said goodbye to red carpets and hello to some surprising jobs. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar Created Her Own Company

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been in everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Cruel Intentions; however, her true passion lies in the food industry. After working in Hollywood for many years, Gellar founded Foodstir with two other partners who agreed that baking always helped them to connect with their children. 

Gellar and her two partners wanted to create products to help kids explore baking, so they created a line of kid-friendly baking kits and equipment. Despite her celebrity status, starting a company wasn’t easy at the beginning, but they eventually found their stride. 

Nikki Blonsky Went From Singing In Hairspray To Using It On Clients

After being discovered while working at Cold Stone Creamery, Nikki Blonsky was cast in Hairspray alongside Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer, and John Travolta. Despite the film’s success, Blonsky had trouble finding more roles and decided to find an alternative career. 

Blonsky got her cosmetology license and began working as a hair and makeup artist while she continued to audition for roles. However, she made it clear that she was happy working in a salon and paying her bills, which is a safe career because acting roles are few and far between. 

Tony Danza Followed His Passions Out Of Hollywood

With credits on projects like Taxi and Who’s The Boss, Tony Danza has had a pretty successful Hollywood career. However, Danza always felt drawn to education, whether it was his own, or departing wisdom onto others. Acting was no longer bringing him joy, so he “Marie Kondo’d” his life and decided to take on a new career. 

For an entire year, Danza taught English to a group of tenth graders at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. The year was documented on the reality show Teach: Tony Danza. Can you imagine telling people you are in Tony Danza’s English class? We wouldn’t believe it. 

Lauren Conrad Started Her Own Makeup Business

Lauren Conrad rose to fame on the reality show Laguna Beach before graduating to the sequel series, The Hills. After the show ended, she wanted to get away from reality TV, and people were already obsessed with her iconic style and makeup application, so she made a second career out of that. 

Since ending her reality TV career, Conrad wrote a successful book, created a clothing line for Kohls, and recently started her own makeup brand. The makeup line has had many positive reviews thus far, and this businesswoman is making her mark in the beauty industry. 

Taran Noah Smith Went From Childhood Star To Cheese Lover

The world watched Taran Noah Smith grow up on-screen as the youngest family member on Tim Allen’s Home Improvement. From age seven to sixteen, he was in the public eye and never really had a chance to decide what he wanted to do with his life. When the show ended, he decided to try something new. 

The former child star went on to pursue various ventures. Smith started a vegan cheese company in a growing market that is estimated to reach a value of $4 billion by 2024. He also helped rebuild homes after Hurricane Harvey and installs art installations. His TV money set him up to pursue all his passions.

Mara Wilson Wrote About Her Early Stardom

We all remember Mara Wilson as Matilda in one of our favorite childhood movies. However, once Matilda finished, we never knew what happened to that adorable little girl. Although she was destined to have a very successful career, Wilson decided to retire early and focus on writing. 

Wilson decided to avoid the pitfalls of peaking early and got out of the business while she was on top. She took her creative energy to another medium and started writing. While it can be a struggle to go from child actor to serious adult author, Wilson made it look like a walk in the park. 

Steven Anthony Lawrence Gives Acting Lessons To Children

You might remember Steven Anthony Lawrence from Even Stevens as the annoying neighbor, Beans. His early Disney Channel career helped propel him to fame, but once the show ended, he wasn’t ready to leave acting behind just yet. After appearing on many other shows, he decided to help other aspiring actors. 

Lawrence decided to share his knowledge of the industry with young people by teaching them acting techniques and preparing them for the business side of the industry as well. He helps them negotiate their salary, and he is paying it forward in a major way. 

Frankie Muniz Owns His Own Olive Shop

As a child, Frankie Muniz was seen as the most bankable young actor. He starred in everything from Malcolm in the Middle to Big Fat Liar, but in 2008, he decided to step away from show biz. After achieving such great success, he had room to do pretty much whatever he wanted. 

Muniz now spends his days in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he owns an olive shop. He made a lot of money from his early success, so he has had the room to pursue whatever passions come to mind. 

Phoebe Cates Owns A Boutique

After her memorable performance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Phoebe Cates could have been the next A-list star. Instead of taking her career to the next level, Cates decided to live a simpler life, at least for a few years, while she raised her daughter. 

However, after raising a few children, Cates decided to get back out into the working world and opened a boutique in New York called Blue Tree. After marrying fellow actor Kevin Kline, she had the luxury of doing whatever she wanted.