Clint Eastwood Looks ‘Amazing’ in Rare Sighting – He Has ‘Settled Down a Bit,’ & Is a Doting Grandpa at 93

Clint Eastwood became a heartthrob among teenage girls in America when he burst onto the scene in the 1950s. He quickly became a household name because of his innumerable movie and TV roles.

Now, Eastwood is in his 90s, but he hasn’t hung up his Hollywood boots while being a family man. He is a doting grandfather, and he continues to work on his craft.

In fact, Eastwood has a starring role in the upcoming film “Juror #2,” a thriller that is still in production. The actor was seen on the movie set in Savannah, Georgia last week and was expected to remain there filming until the following Wednesday.

While fans were excited to see Eastwood on the set of the new film in which he stars alongside Nicholas Hoult, Zoey Deutch, Toni Collette, and Kiefer Sutherland, reports say this might be his last film so that he can “ride off into the sunset with his head held high.”

This role, which Eastwood readily accepted when he read the script, will make the actor one of the oldest working filmmakers. Not only is he starring in the film, but Eastwood is also producing it with Adam Goodman.

Eastwood’s Life As A Doting Grandpa

Eastwood was one of the most sought-after men in Hollywood during his younger years, but even as he aged, he still seemed to have a charm that captured the hearts of women worldwide.

The actor was first publicly linked to Maggie Johnson, and although the pair hit it off, Eastwood fathered a child with a woman from Seattle. However, that did not stop the couple from tying the knot. They were married from 1953 until 1984 and welcomed two children together.

While Eastwood was married to Jonhson, he allegedly had a 14-year affair with Roxanne Tunis, a stunt double he met on the set of “Rawhide.” Tunis and Eastwood welcomed one daughter together.

Eastwood had another affair while married to Johnson, this time with Sandra Locke. Locke alleged that she had abortions and tubal ligation during her time with Eastwood because he didn’t want any more children.

While in a relationship with Locke, Eastwood also dated flight attendant Jaclyn Reeves. Little is known about their relationship besides that they welcomed two children together.

As he dated Locke and Reeves, Eastwood also found time to have a relationship with Frances Fisher. Eastwood’s relationship with Fisher was quite public, with the pair moving in together, attending events as a couple, and welcoming a child together.

While dating Fisher, Eastwood met Dina Ruiz after she interviewed him in 1992. The pair began dating in early 1995 and had tied the knot by December. The couple welcomed one child together before their marriage ended in 2013.

Eastwood’s next relationship was with Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, a woman he met while married to Ruiz. The pair began dating in March 2013, but since their relationship was so private, it is unknown when they called it quits.

The most recent woman that Eastwood has been connected to is Christina Sandera. The couple made their relationship public in 2015 but have remained private since. The pair reportedly lives in Carmel.

Eastwood’s first child is his daughter, Laurie Murray, whose mother’s identity is not public knowledge. She is the child Eastwood welcomed with the woman from Seattle before he married Johnson.

Kyle is the first child born to Johnson and Eastwood. He was born in 1968 and is now a bassist for the Kyle Eastwood Quartet. Alison, Johnson and Eastwood’s second child, born in 1972, followed in her father’s acting footsteps.

Scott is the son of Reeves and Eastwood, born in 1986. Scott has also starred in movies but changed his last name from Eastwood to Reeves to have a better chance at acting.

Scott’s younger sister, Kathryn, is the second of Reeves and Eastwood’s children. She was born in 1988, and like her father and older siblings, she has become an actress, with her first role being in 2014’s “Jersey Boys.”

Kimber is the daughter Eastwood welcomed with Tunis, and there is not much known about her other than that she has become a producer and makeup artist. Francesa is Eastwood’s daughter with Fisher. She was born in 1993 and is now a TV personality. Morgan is Eastwood’s youngest child, born in 1996. She followed in her father’s and older siblings’ acting footsteps, too.

Now, Eastwood is the doting grandfather to five grandchildren. Lowell Thomas Murray IV is Eastwood’s grandchild from his first daughter, Laurie. Lowell is a personal trainer and yoga instructor in his mother’s hometown of Seattle.

Eastwood’s granddaughter, Graylen, is the daughter of his son, Kyle, and bears a striking resemblance to her grandfather. Kelsey and Clinton are Eastwood’s granddaughter and grandson from his daughters Laurie and Kimber, respectively. Kelsey and Clinton value their privacy and do not have careers in Hollywood. The youngest of Eastwood’s grandchildren is little Titan, the young son of Eastwood’s daughter, Francesca.

Eastwood is a doting grandfather. His daughter, Alison, once talked about what her father is like as a grandfather, saying:

“It’s just a lot of fun. I just think that he enjoys it now, and I’m glad he’s settled down a bit.”

Eastwood has settled down on his ranch in Carmel. He is preserving the 2,000-acre land by building homes and creating a one-of-a-kind community that is a nature-lovers paradise.

Eastwood’s Rare Public Outing

Since settling on his ranch, Eastwood has been rarely seen in public. However, on Thursday last week, fans spotted him filming “Juror #2.” The film is set up at Warner. Bros, which is a studio at which Eastwood feels very comfortable after having worked there for so many years.

The film is a legal drama Eastwood has been trying to cast since last year. Offers to actors finally went out recently, and the filming began, with Eastwood traveling to Savannah, Georgia, to film some of his scenes.

Reports said Eastwood was spotted on 40th Street walking down the sidewalk in sneakers, a button-down shirt, and khakis. Fans thought Eastwood looked “amazing” in the photos for his age.