Plastic surgeon destroyed Elsa Patton’s face. Here are some pictures of her before surgery

Elsa Patton was part of The Real Housewives of Miami between 2011-2013, where she was very popular and interesting for the public. That’s why she got her own spin off show.

Meanwhile, Elsa decided to do more plastic surgery, but they didn’t come out the way she wanted and always when she talked about her surgeon she said about him being “the man who ruined my face” because her appearance was completely different. Elsa looked great before surgery, which is why many people never understood why she decided to have so many plastic surgeries.

Unfortunately, Elsa died in 2019.

We should realize that it is extremely important to learn to accept ourselves as we are and to feel good in our own body. It doesn’t matter if we are tall, short, fatter or thinner, bald or other things. Certainly we all think of small things that we would like to change and it is okay to do that, but first of all we must learn to we accept and love our body. We don’t have to worry about what others think about our physical appearance.

Some people want to dye their hair, others want to get a tattoo, others want to lose weight, and others want to try plastic surgery. If you want to have a plastic surgery then you have to be careful to go to a very good doctor because the results can be bad.

Many celebrities choose to have plastic surgeries to “fix” various things on their body. However, not everyone chooses the best doctor to go to.

There are also many celebrities who decide to give up the effects of cosmetic interventions, such as BBL, lip acid or botox. The stars choose to do this because they realize that they looked much better before.

Unfortunately, there are situations in which the effects of a plastic surgery can no longer be changed, and the face remains as it is.

One such example is Elsa Patton. She became famous after the reality television show The Real Housewives of Miami, but this was not enough for her and she wanted more. That’s why she chose to have plastic surgeries, believing that she will look much better and keep her celebrity.

But what does Elsa look like before these surgeries?

Before appearing on The Real Housewives of Miami, Elsa had a fairly private life and not much information about her can be found on the internet. This changed after she appeared on the show. She was married to Donald Patton until 2018 when he died. The two have been married for 50 years. Elsa also died 15 months after Donald’s death. They had two children together, Marysol Patton and Thomas Anthony Jones. Elsa and Marysol appeared together in The Real Housewives of Miami. The show was canceled, but after 8 years it was rebooted in 2021 and Marysol was present. Her daughter talked about her mother before appearing on the show and said she was always a very social and prominent woman.

Marysol said she remembers that there were many people who wanted to be around Elsa and be friends because she was a very nice woman to others and always in the spotlight, so she didn’t feel very different when the show started. However, she said that after the show started, it was different that when she went out with her mother on the street, everyone looked at them and strangers came to ask them to take a picture together.

Fans loved Elsa’s personality, so she received her own show in 2012, called “Havana Elsa”. It could be noticed over time that Elsa had more plastic surgeries, especially because Marysol still posted old pictures with her mother and differences could be noticed.

Elsa wanted those plastic surgeries, but they didn’t come out the way she wanted, so she decided not to talk too much about them, but she referred to her surgeon only as “the man who ruined my face”. There have been many surgeons who have given their opinion on Elsa’s case, and some have said that it is an extreme case and you can’t even figure out what she looks like before. The mistake was that the surgeon agreed to continue to intervene even though he should have refused other surgeries.

Before filming season 3, Elsa suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. Her daughter said that when she reached her mother, she was completely disoriented and could no longer speak. Unfortunately, Elsa’s health continued to deteriorate. On May 13, 2019, her daughter Marysol said that Elsa had passed away after “a long illness”, but she died surrounded by her friends and family.

In April 2021 Marysol married Steve McNamara and they decided to pay tribute to Elsa, which is why the wedding included a Mayan ceremony and a shaman. “It was the basis of her mom’s spiritual-religious roots,” a source said.

People who have loved Elsa will always remember her for her wonderful personality that made others want to be around her.

May she rest in peace.