Doctor Claims Biden Has Undergone $100K Worth of Plastic Surgery

People who have been in politics — or any profession — for 50-plus years tend to show it in their faces with wrinkles, thinning hair and sagging skin.

Not so much President Joe Biden.

Pictures of Biden from the early 1970s show him almost completely bald on top, but now he has a much fuller head of hair. Wrinkles also seem to have appeared over the years, then abruptly disappeared.

Did the 46th president discover the fountain of youth? Is he aging backward, like Brad Pitt’s character in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”?

At least one expert thinks there’s a more likely explanation: multiple surgeries to improve his looks.

“I think he’s had a significant amount of plastic surgery throughout his career,” California plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie said in a recent video.

The cosmetic surgeon, described by the New York Post as a “chop doc,” is known for posting videos “detailing various celebs’ alleged operations,” the outlet reported.

In a TikTok clip titled “Is President Biden Addicted to Plastic Surgery?” the surgeon said that the “unnaturalness to [Biden’s] hairline” and “the way that the hair was grafted” are telltale indicators of older hair transplant techniques. 

Motykie also theorized that other aspects of Biden’s appearance, including his “pixie ears,” forehead and neck wrinkles, and changing eye shape, indicate a facelift and brow lift, as well as “touch-ups” with Botox and fillers.

It’s unknown whether Biden really had all that work done, but if he did, it didn’t come cheap, Motykie said.

“I would estimate that Joe Biden would’ve spent up to $100,000 in today’s dollars on plastic surgery if he were to have undergone these procedures here in Beverly Hills,” the doctor said, according to the Post.

Motykie is not the only one who has had his suspicions about Biden’s appearance.

In July, doctor and North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy speculated on the topic to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo — but his main concern was Biden’s mental aging.

“Let’s look at Joe. He’s had so much plastic surgery, so much Botox, so much filler,” Murphy told Bartiromo.

“That’s on the outside. … I deal in a surgical field that has a lot of older patients and so I have seen patients through the [years] decline mentally. It’s just a fact; it’s what happens.”

In 2019, the Daily Mail interviewed surgeons who claimed Biden “began to look noticeably different during the 2008 campaign” when he apparently “altered his hairline, filled in the wrinkles on his face and forehead, and installed dental veneers.”