Suzanne Somers Fans Concerned for Her Health Receive Sad News

Former “Dancing With the Stars” competitor Suzanne Somers has dealt with another bout of cancer, according to her husband, Alan Hamel.

Hamel, told Page Six that his wife was diagnosed with cancer again in recent months.

“Suzanne has lived with cancer all her life. In her 20s, she’d also dealt with two hyperplasia… which is the waiting room for cancer,” he said.

“She has now dealt with her cancer once again. On June 6, she got an all-clear, but cancer is tricky and we will now closely monitor everything going forward,” he continued, adding, “All her doctors said if she didn’t lead a chemical-free, organic life supported by bioidentical hormones, she wouldn’t be with us.”

In a statement given to Heavy, Somers thanked fans for the “outpouring of love.”

“I have been living with cancer for decades now, using the best of alternative and conventional medicine to keep it at bay. Every time that little f-er pops up, I continue to bat it back. As one of millions of cancer patients, we do our best not to let this insidious disease control us. I find bliss in each day,” she said.

“My husband has been by my side every step of the way, and my family has been so supportive. Thank you for the outpouring of love and good wishes. It’s a recurrence of my breast cancer. Like any cancer patient, when you get that’s dreaded, ‘It’s back’ you get a pit in your stomach. Then I put on my battle gear and go to war. This is familiar battleground for me and I’m very tough,” she added.

Somers, 76, competed on season 20 of “Dancing With the Stars.” She and her ballroom pro partner, Tony Dovolani, finished in 9th place.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Expressed Concerns About Suzanne Somers in the Comments of Her Facebook Posts

Many fans have noticed that Somers has been absent from her Facebook Live show and many had become concerned that something was wrong. Her daughter-in-law, Caroline Somers, has been filling in.

“It’s to bad there’s no word if Suzanne is ok with her health! I won’t watch until Suzanne comes back if she comes back,” one person commented on a recent post on Somers’ page.

“I think Carolyn is doing a great job, but I want to know about Suzanne… is she OK?” someone else asked.

“This is the Suzanne Somers Facebook…where is she?” a third Facebook user wondered.

“Sending prayers and love. Our Suzanne Sumers [sic] isn’t coming back,” another comment read.

Suzanne Somers Has Battled Skin Cancer & Breast Cancer

Somers was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was in her 30s. Twenty years later, a mass was found in her right breast during a routine mammogram.

“When you hear those three words, ‘You have cancer’ — wow — that’s coming face to face with your mortality,” Somers told Yahoo Lifestyle. “You never think that you’re not here forever,” she added.

Somers stage II diagnosis left her with important decisions to make about her treatment. Her doctors suggested chemotherapy and a mastectomy, but Somers opted to have surgery to remove the tumor followed by radiation.

“My cancer has become a veiled gift. because when confronted with standard of care — the standard treatment protocol for cancer [being] radiation, chemotherapy, and after-care drugs — I looked at the doctor and I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ And he said, ‘But you’ll die.’ And I said, ‘I honestly believe I will die if I do what you tell me. The idea of flooding my body with chemical poison just doesn’t reckon with who I am,” she told the outlet.

Somers has also completely changed the way she lives her life on a day to day basis, including what she puts into her body.

“Cancer is still a mystery, [but] I live my life like an athlete. I grow my own organic food. I eat a balanced diet. I work on supporting my immune system. I think positive thoughts,” she told Survivornet in 2021.