Everyone’s favorite Curly Sue has grown up!»: Fans can’t believe their eyes when they see how Porter has changed

The viewers still admire Curly Sue who is now 42 but looks as adorable as then 😍

However incredible it may seem, everyone’s favorite «Curly Sue» was released more than 3 decades ago. The leading actress whose cuteness was always the center of attention and attracted all the viewers has changed a lot since then.

The little angel was only 9 when she was offered to play the role. Her cute face, brown hair and curly hair made her the most suitable candidate. Many years have passed and this is what the girl looks like today.

No one will deny that Porter looks simply amazing. Her tanned skin, beautiful features and charisma make her incomparable in the industry.

Sometimes, it was hard for her to return to the big screen since she struggled alcohol addiction.

Fortunately, according to Eonline, she managed to quit on drinking alcohol and healed in 2007 making a stunning comeback.