They spent more than 250.000 dollars on plastic surgery but were still dissatisfied with their appearance

There are many stories and facts about the negative and positive sides of plastic surgery. But today’s story is a little bit shocking.

The heroes of our post are Lucy and Anna DeCinque twin sisters. They are already 33 years old.

They are probably the most similar twin sisters in the world. Probably the reason is that all the surgeries were done at the same time. They had spent almost 250.000 dollars on all kinds of operations.

Here is another shocking fact about these twins. They lived for around 8 years with one man, named Ben Birn.

They even think about to be pregnant on the same time from this guy.

They have the same interests and hobbies, and they both have the same mind and physical opportunities. Maybe that’s why they want to be pregnant simultaneously.

Of course, they did some operations about which they regret.

They understand that today’s their look seems too unnatural.

They live a happy life together with Ben, but the thought of doing some more surgeries does not leave them.

“What a strange story”, “What an unnatural look”, “How can one spent so much money in plastic surgeries?”.