‘Freaks and Geeks’ actor Joe Flaherty has passed away at the age of 82…

The actor Flaherty passed away, according to Flaherty’s daughter, following a short illness.

Joe Flaherty, a well-known figure in the world of comedy and writing, passed away on Monday at the age of 82. He was renowned for his comic brilliance on the trailblazing Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV.

Gudrun Flaherty, Flaherty’s daughter, verified the news to the Canadian Press, claiming that Flaherty passed away after a short illness.

Flaherty, a writer who has won two Emmys, was a significant figure in the world of comedy. He left an indelible impression with his iconic depictions of characters such as Guy Caballero, Count Floyd, Big Jim McBob, and Sammy Maudlin during his time as an original cast member of SCTV during the course of his career.

The comic abilities of Flaherty were refined during his seven-year tenure at The Second City in Chicago. After that, he made his mark in Canada as a member of the founding crew of The Second City Theatre in Toronto. Flaherty was born in Pittsburgh. His work on SCTV, in which he collaborated with other comedy giants such as John Candy and Catherine O’Hara, garnered him worldwide recognition.

On Tuesday, Gudrun Flaherty released a statement in which she conveyed her sentiments about her father. “Dad was an extraordinary man, known for his boundless heart and an unwavering passion for movies from the ’40s and ’50s,” she said.

Cinema was not only a pastime for him; it had a significant impact on his professional life, notably during the period he spent at SCTV, which he will never forget. He treasured every minute that he was able to spend working on the show, and he was very pleased of the program’s success and of being a member of such an incredible group.

Because of his great writing, Flaherty was awarded two Emmys in 1982 and 1983 for his services to SCTV. These awards were given in acknowledgment of his work. He continued to make substantial contributions to television and movies for decades after his time at SCTV, leaving behind a legacy that would last for generations to come.

In films such as the 1996 comedy Happy Gilmore, in which he played a jeering heckler, and in the cult classic television series Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000), in which he portrayed an old-fashioned dad, he had a significant influence that reached beyond the realm of SCTV.

On Tuesday, Adam Sandler, who works with Flaherty in the role of Happy Gilmore, expressed his sympathy by posting a message on Instagram. Oh my goodness, Sandler wrote. Was a fan of Joe when I was little. It never failed to make both my brother and I giggle. Guy Caballero, which is Count Floyd. Any action that he took. In the film Stripes, he was a stunning border guard. It would be an absolute delight to have him heckle me while I’m out on the golf course. He is the kindest person you could ever hope to meet. Funny person who is a genius. Moreover, a genuine lover. In perfect harmony. A lot of love to his children, and many gratitude to Joe for all the wonderful things he has done for all of us.

On X, his co-star on Freaks and Geeks, John Francis Daley, who played the role of Sam, his son, said, “Joe Flaherty made me laugh so hard that it ruined takes.” Daley played Sam on the popular sitcom. When we were working together on a scenario, those were the days that I enjoyed the most on set. What a charming young man.

Even though he had a wide range of triumphs, Flaherty never lost his strong connection to Toronto. He was an artist-in-residence at Humber College, where he taught young comedians that he had a plethora of knowledge and expertise to offer with them.