Photo Of Bill Clinton Getting A Massage From One Of Epstein’s Victims Is Released

Former president Bill Clinton was caught on camera, receiving a massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. The look on Clinton’s face reveals that he was likely receiving pleasure from the massage because he is smiling. The massage, which is focused on Clinton’s neck, is an intimate moment between the former president, then 56, and the victim of the billionaire child rapist.

Epstein had a lot of friends in high places. He was a mysterious billionaire financier who used his accumulated wealth to knock elbows with world leaders, including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

In the photo of Clinton, he was shown receiving a neck massage from a massage therapist, 22-year-old Chauntae Davis. Besides her role as a professional massage therapist, she also served as Epstein’s personal masseur, a vile role that may have scarred her for life.

At the time of the image, Clinton had complained about a stiff neck. Because Epstein had his massage therapist on board the flight to Africa, he ordered Davis to massage the former president. The young woman did not refuse the order from her billionaire abuser or his close accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell was reportedly the individual who pushed Davis to rub-down the former president. She tasked the young woman with the job while the plane stopped in Portugal to refuel.

Clinton was taking the flight on Epstein’s private jet because he was going on a humanitarian trip to Africa. The year was 2002.

The image showed both Clinton and Davis fully clothed. She is standing away from him as she reaches to touch her fingertips to the back of his neck where his shirt meets its collar.

During the massage, Clinton allegedly asked Davis, “Would you mind giving it a crack?” Two images originally obtained by Daily Mail show Clinton getting this massage ordered by Maxwell (who is currently jailed on sex trafficking charges).

Davies accused Epstein of raping her multiple times after she was recruited by Maxwell. She recalls meeting Clinton and called him a “complete gentleman” who did not try anything untoward.

Davies is now in her forties.

“Although the image looks bizarre, President Clinton was a perfect gentleman during the trip, and I saw absolutely no foul play involving him. We had a stop-over for the jet to refuel, and while we were in the terminal, the ex-President was complaining of stiffness from falling asleep in his chair. Ghislaine chimed in to be funny and said that I could give him a massage. Everyone had a little chuckle, but Ghislaine, in her prim British accent, insisted and said I was good. The President then asked me ‘would you mind giving it a crack.’”

Davies realized that she didn’t have a good angle on Clinton, so she asked him to get on his knees.

“The room fell silent. I couldn’t believe I’d said that. The words just shot out before I realized what I was saying or who I said it to. Then, although his face had turned the color of fire, he laughed. The whole room was laughing too. And, being the good sport he was, he sat down so I could get a better angle,” an excerpt from her upcoming book reads.

Although Clinton (like Trump) was connected to the deceased child rapist, Davies only has good words to say about him.