Jase and Missy Robertson’s Daughter Mia to Undergo Another Jaw Surgery

Mia Robertson’s recently-scheduled cleft surgery was supposed to be minor, but it turned into a much more complicated procedure.

Mia’s mother, Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, turned to social media to both update followers on her daughter’s cleft journey, but also apologize for delaying another patient’s appointment.

“To the lady in the waiting room yesterday who was complaining about how inconvenient it was for her to wait on her child who hadn’t been seen yet (45 minutes behind), I apologize on behalf of my daughter. It was totally her fault,” Missy writes.

“See, she and her surgeon came to the conclusion a few minutes prior that she is to have another jaw distraction surgery before moving forward in her cleft care. What seemed like would be a minor surgery (scheduled today) turned into a more serious set-back in her cleft lip/palate journey.”

“Oh how I wish we wouldn’t have inconvenienced you. Oh how I wish sometimes that she would have the team that simply looked and said ‘she’ll be fine’, or ‘you don’t really have to.’ Sometimes I’m weary of this cleft journey. Sometimes I’m weary of the pain that life brings me and my family,” she continues. “But that’s where God steps in. He confirms through those He’s sent to us that, even though we’re weary, He is not!”

Robertson explains that Mia has been dealing with issues due to her cleft palate for 18 years, and she has endured multiple surgeries. Now, at age 19, she made the decision to undergo a much more extensive surgery in an effort to prevent more issues or pain down the road.