People Are Calling This The Smartest Cow in the World

Cows. Some of us pass a few every single day and don’t even notice the mammoth creatures. Usually, cows aren’t really kept as pets; they are used for milk and meat purposes, but Ghost is one extraordinary cow that some people are saying is the smartest cow in the world.

Ghost was raised by horse trainer Megan Reimann, and Megan has taught Ghost how to do many tricks, kind of like those that horses can do. Ghost can:

Identify colors

Spin in a circle

Give kisses

Fist bump

Stay in place on command

Come when called


Stand on a pedestal

Touch a cowbell

Nod yes on command

Recently, Ghost and trainer Megan went for a world record for the most tricks done by a cow in under 60 seconds. When put to the test, Ghost nailed each and every task, finished in the allotted minute and set a new world record.

The cow had a small bout of stage fright when asked to perform the tricks in under a minute, but in the end, pulled it off gracefully.

Believe it or not, Guinness World Records has a list of animals that have created records by performing all kinds of tricks. The list includes dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits and even guinea pigs. However, this is the first time a cow has joined the list by performing ten tricks in 60 seconds.

As you would imagine, the comment section is lit with different opinions.

@invinciblegamer_2006 says, “Every cowboy’s dream cow.”

@charlesxstorm is skeptical and writes, “Ghost just wants more treat.”

@illidanStormrage222 is not having it, writing, “I’ve seen cows playing soccer so, sorry but Ghost record have to be questioned.”

Either way you look at it, one thing is for sure: Ghost will forever be etched into history with its new world record.