Legendary “Dynasty” Star Joan Collins Turns 90 and Seems to Be Aging Backward

Joan Collin’s career includes more than 50 films, dozens of performances, and even her own one-woman show. She is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but it was Alexis Carrington’s character in Dynasty that made her overwhelmingly famous and loved around the globe. And as “Dame Joan” turns 90, she astonishes us with even more energy than in previous decades.

Collins turned 90 on May 23rd, appearing in good spirits on many occasions together with her husband Percy Gibson, who is more than 30 years younger than her. And they never worried about the huge age gap between them and happily celebrated their 20th anniversary last year.

This was the fifth time the actress tried to find her true love. And luckily, it seems like she really found the right man. She even joked once that her current marriage had run as long as all the previous 4 marriages combined.

“He takes care of everything,” says Collins. “He takes care of my children and all our finances. He’s the love of my life. It’s a great marriage, a great relationship.”

Of course, they have their own “little spats” like any other couple, admits the actress. But they’ve both got their safe spaces: he has his office at home, and the actress — her walk-in closet. Yet, she thinks they are both very lucky to have each other.

Those who know Collins acknowledge her kindness and razor-sharp wit. They say she is never cruel, enormously funny, and quick — they call her “a walking one-liner.” And she has never lost her optimism which seems to be eternal. For instance, when she was asked about her 4 failed marriages, she simply said: “If life throws you a lemon, make lemonade.”

On her birthday, Joan Collins looked as radiant as ever. A bit earlier she revealed that she still thinks of herself as a 40-year-old woman. She claims age is irrelevant since her focus lies on how she looks, feels, and behaves. Though, of course, like any other woman, she still believes asking a woman her age is “tremendously rude.”

Her brilliant look is not make-up magic or anything, it’s just the way she is.

Friends of hers who’ve had the pleasure of spending holidays with her at her villa say she’s just as lovely looking in the morning over breakfast. She doesn’t need any makeup to add anything to her natural grace and beauty. Collins never believed in dieting or abstinence of any kind. Which is pretty brave in such a competitive industry, especially on social media.

People who know her best say we shouldn’t be fooled by her legendary she-wolf character from Dynasty since the real Collins is far from being a woman like that. No surprise, as they say, the best “villains” are played by actors with a completely opposite type of character in real life.

As a result, she turned that stereotypical role into a sensation. And her audience really adored her! Despite all the attention she garnered, she never behaved like a stereotypical Hollywood diva in real life.

Her friends claim that when she talks to people, she is not only polite to them, but she’s also genuinely interested in them. When she met one journalist, the first thing she said to her was that she loved her column in the newspaper. She quoted one item she’d written the week before, smiled, and repeated the words she told her years ago: “Keep writing.”

When the time came to have their pictures taken together, Collins stopped the photographer and took the journalist aside. “Darling you look washed out,” she said. “You need some lipstick, every woman needs color!” Suddenly, she took her own lipstick with a small mirror out of her bag and handed it to the astonished woman. The journalist still has it. Even though it ran out long ago. She called it “Too Hot to Handle.”

Despite her age, she is still acting and writing as well. Her collection of work includes columns for Spectator magazine, a few best-selling novels, and several autobiographies. Once, she joked about it saying, “When all else fades, a woman can still keep writing.”

If there was a black belt in shopping she would be the first one to have it. Also, she’s quite regular on the party circuit and is still considered to be a style icon. Truly, she is a star that’s very far from fading away.

Truly, Joan Collins looks so youthful and glowing that we find it hard to believe her real age. And we all hope she will warm our hearts for many-many years to come.