Lisa Marie Presley had a secret long relationship no one knew about

Having been the daughter of one of the greatest legends of music, as was the case of Lisa Marie Presley, led her to rub shoulders with celebrities around the world, but the recently deceased daughter of Elvis Presley had an almost secret friendship that very few knew with one of the most famous people of British royalty.

Fergie remembered her with a message on Instagram

It turns out that Lisa Marie, among many other friendships, had one that few knew about with the Duchess of York herself, Sarah Ferguson. This came to light thanks to an Instagram post, in which ‘Fergie’ wrote a touching tribute to Lisa Marie after her death.

“I salute you every day and I love you, my sissy, and I will continue to salute you every day,” Fergie, 63, posted alongside a photo of the two embracing.

“You were my sissy, an amazing mother to Ben, Riley, Harper, and Finley, and a magnificently loving daughter to Priscilla. You have been my faithful friend for many years and I am here to support and love your family. I am deeply saddened my sissy, you are in my heart,” she added.

A source close to Ferguson revealed to Page Six that Lisa Marie and Sarah met when the former lived in Sussex with her ex-husband Michael Lockwood back in 2010.

“They hit it off straight away, they seemed to get on,” the friend recounted, explaining that they hung out in the same circle as Bob Geldof, his wife, Jeanne Marine, Jeff Beck, and his wife, Sandra.

“They became close friends and kept in touch when Lisa Marie returned to the United States. And she was very supportive of the duchess when she went through difficult times, especially when she was caught up in the ‘fake sheik’ scandal.”

In addition, Lisa Marie offered “a haven” in Hawaii to Fergie when she fell on hard times, and “the Duchess never forgot that Lisa Marie went out of her way to be a supportive friend. They really bonded like sisters.”

In fact, the two were so close that they had talked a few weeks ago “about [Lisa Marie’s] daughter Riley working alongside the Duchess on film projects, as her first adult novel is being made into a TV series or movie.”

Lisa Marie is survived by her daughter Riley, 33, and twin daughters Harper and Finely, 14.