Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter breaks the silence

Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley’s mother, confirmed the 54-year-tragic old’s death on January 12. “I have to break the heartbreaking news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has passed away. She was the most fervent, powerful, and loving woman I’ve ever met “Priscilla made a tragic statement to People. “We request discretion as we work to process this tragic loss. Thank you for your prayers and love.” Lisa Marie suffered a heart arrest and died en route to the hospital.

Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, who tragically passed away in 2020, were the products of Lisa Marie’s first marriage to Danny Keough. Finley and Harper Lockwood were the twins she had with her fourth ex-husband, Michael Lockwood. Riley, in particular, has gone up a few times about what it was actually like growing up with a rock ‘n’ roll mom, but Lisa Marie’s children have yet to talk about her passing. But how did they actually get along as mother and daughter?

Riley Keough has acknowledged that her mother made a point of not growing her in the spotlight despite being from one of the most renowned families in the world—after all, Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley. “I don’t want you to become another Hollywood famous daughter, she said. You know, she was totally not into that lifestyle. She wasn’t really focused on it, “In 2016, Riley acknowledged to Nylon (via Just Jared). “It had appeared. We would be photographed while doing things, but I wasn’t 15 when I first saw a tabloid.”

And it seems like they stayed close all of Lisa Marie’s life. Just a few weeks before her mother passed away, Riley, an accomplished actor in her own right who has been in films including “Magic Mike,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “Daisy Jones & The Six,” opened up to People about how much she respected her mother.

She described Lisa Marie as “a really powerful, clever woman” and remarked, “My mother is undoubtedly an inspiration to me.” Riley also discussed her mother’s parenting style, telling the publication, “I grew up with a person that followed their own path without much regard for what others would think. She undoubtedly served as an inspiration to me.”

Being a mother was among Lisa Marie Presley’s greatest life accomplishments. In 2004, she kindly shared her experience of being a mother with ABC News, telling the publication (via that “Everything’s better when you have children.” She was open and honest about how close she was to each of her children, pointing out, “Even if you’re an adult, no matter what’s happening, they’re always there, so whatever they’re going through, you go through it with them as well. They serve as your anchor, forcing you to shed your individuality and make everything about them, which is excellent. Oh, everything is wonderful.”

When she and Riley appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” together in 2007, Lisa Marie Presley also discussed how she always tried to protect Riley Keough from the pressures that can occasionally come with being the child of a celebrity. “I didn’t want her to have that shadow where she felt competition and intimidated by anything,” Lisa Marie said. She continued, “I wanted [my kids] to be allowed to do what they wanted to do.”

It comes as no surprise, then, that Lisa Marie has always been supportive of Riley’s profession, even if the actress acknowledged that, as a kid of wealth from a ridiculously renowned family, she has given Riley some fairly severe advise. Lisa Marie reportedly said to Riley, “Whatever you do, you have to work hard or you won’t be taken seriously.”

Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley stayed close up until Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. Together, they take advantage of the remaining few months of Lisa Marie’s career to promote the 2022 film “Elvis,” which stars Austin Butler as Lisa Marie’s famous father, Elvis Presley. The mother-daughter team gave multiple interviews while acting as close as they could be, with Lisa Marie talking about her late father and how the film honored his memory. Riley was born in 1997, 12 years after Elvis’ passing. “Such an emotional [event] it was. In a joint appearance with Riley on “Good Morning America,” Lisa Marie stated, “It just brings up such generational trauma — in a good way “2022 June. “Riley said, “I’m done,” after only five minutes. I was crying and she was crying already.”

The Presley family then descended upon Hollywood for the film’s premiere, where Lisa Marie, Riley, Priscilla, Finley, and Harper Lockwood all posed for pictures beside one another on the red carpet. Riley also posted adorable images from a Graceland premiere on Instagram, demonstrating how close this famous family really is.