Longtime Actor From ‘Home Alone’ And ‘Groundhog Day’ Diagnosed With Cancer

Actor Ken Hudson Campbell might be better known to fans of the classic holiday movie “Home Alone” as Santa. Besides playing Santa in the beloved Christmas movie, he also acted in films including “Groundhog Day,” “Armageddon,” and “Down Periscope” just to name a few.

Three years ago, on the 30th anniversary of “Home Alone,” Campbell reminisced about his role as Santa on Instagram, posting a picture of himself dressed in the classic Santa suit. Along with the picture, he wrote, “30 years or so ago I was Santa in Home Alone.”

Now, Campbell is focused on something more important than his acting career. He’s focused on his health. One week ago, his daughter, Michaela Campbell, set up a GoFundMe on her father’s behalf. She explained, “On October 27th, 2023, Ken was diagnosed with cancer, a tumor had elusively grown on the bottom of his mouth and it began encroaching on his teeth.”

Michaela continued, explaining how doctors plan to fight the cancer. “On December 7th, he is scheduled for a 10-hour surgery, during which a large part of his jawbone will be removed, along with his lymph nodes, and part of his leg bone. Surgeons plan to reconstruct a new jaw for Ken from this leg bone, install it, and treat him with radiation. He will have a 6-month recovery period & Chemo may be needed afterwards as well.”

Michaela is hoping to raise funds to help pay for her dad’s treatment and to help pay the bills while he is recovering and unable to work. She explained, “We are anticipating huge out-of-pocket costs for caregivers/skilled nursing, insurance premiums, medical equipment, transportation, dental implants, dentures and who knows what else.”

She continued, “It is possible that this procedure will affect his ability to work as an actor in the future. We are asking for your help so that Kenny can use the time ahead to return to health, and spend more time with family & friends. Every prayer, positive thought, dollar, or gesture of support means the world to our family.”

Along with donations, fans have also been leaving words of praise for Campbell and his acting talent in the comments. One person who donated wrote, “You’ve made some of the best movies ever just that much better with your humor Ken. I wish you a speedy recovery. Ciao!”

Another comment reads, “As an actor, you made an impression with me in various movies and shows as I was growing up… Home alone, Armageddon, Herman’s head, Down Periscope, and Groundhog Day. I am hoping the best for you and your family.”

Watch experts from some of Campbell’s most memorable roles in the video below.