This baby captured everyone’s attention as she has naturally grown grey hair… Check out how she looks as a toddler!

Careers in the digital realm have attracted individuals from diverse backgrounds. Among the most captivating young performers today is Maya, who is also known as Baby Cruella.

Maya has always sported a distinctive white streak in her dark hair, earning her the moniker “Baby Cruella” due to her resemblance to the Disney character Cruella.

Even at the tender age of one, Maya delighted everyone by dressing up as various characters from “101 Dalmatians” during a photo shoot.

Maya, the striking daughter of Talita, is undeniably beautiful, and her unique physical characteristic of white hair, despite her ancestors having blond and blue-eyed traits, has sparked numerous internet jokes.

Recognizing Maya’s rising popularity, her mother organized a photoshoot featuring her dressed as Cruella De Vil, which further boosted her fame. In today’s world of social media, opportunities are limitless.

Following the viral success of Maya’s video, I realized the need to continue sharing her photos online, and the response was highly positive across Latin America.

Subsequently, magazine editors from France and Morocco expressed interest in featuring Maya’s photographs, a development that thrilled Talita, who eagerly anticipates Maya’s future prospects.

In these photos, Maya is elegantly adorned in a Cruella de Vil-inspired fur coat with red handcuffs, and the Dalmatians appear to be in hiding.

Maya, the teenage model, has left a lasting impression on her audience, and her journey is far from over. The authenticity in capturing the enchantment of the original animation is evident.

In the photos, Maya’s mother is depicted as a character reminiscent of a psychotic killer, a concept that received appreciation from onlookers. Her mother is filled with joy and optimism for Maya’s future.