Nick Carter is charged with some very troubling allegations.

In a recent lawsuit and a news conference on Thursday, the alleged victim and her attorneys claimed that Nick Carter had raped a minor back in 2001.

In a tearful Facebook video, Shannon “Shay” Ruth claimed that the Backstreet Boys member had sexually abused her when she was just 17 years old.

The now-39-year-old said that Nick Carter’s rape caused her to experience agony, bewilderment, frustration, embarrassment, and self-harm during the previous 21 years.

Even though I have cerebral palsy and am autistic, I think Nick Carter’s actions and words to me have had the biggest and longest-lasting effects on my life.

Ruth said, “I remember him calling me a’re—-ed bitch’ and holding me and leaving marks on my arm after he raped me,” she said.

“Carter tried to intimidate me into silence… he was unpleasant and frightening,” she continued.

In the news conference, Ruth stated that she had been reluctant to speak up because she felt as though she may “go to jail” if she disclosed what had allegedly happened.

She asserted that her current objective was to “hold Nick Carter accountable” and “stop” Carter from “assaulting additional teens and women.”

The woman stated, “Nick Carter is not exempt from his crimes just because he is a celebrity.” “I am and always will be a survivor.”

The combined complaint Ruth filed with three other women, all of whom were known only as Jane Doe, was supported by Ruth’s attorney Mark J. Boskovich, who also spoke at the podium.

The attorney stated, “Nick Carter has a long history of abusing women,” and added that the music business has a reputation for “looking aside.”

Shay is committed to holding Carter accountable, according to Boskovich. She considers it worthwhile to defend other women.

The alleged victim described how she was invited to the “I Want It That Way” singer’s tour van after a concert she attended in Tacoma, Washington, in the lawsuit filed on Thursday and obtained by Page Six.

Ruth then claimed Carter served her a “red-colored drink” he called a “VIP juice” despite the fact that she was underage, saying she now believes it was a combination of alcohol and cranberry juice.

According to the lawsuit, the 42-year-old singer of “Quit Playing Games” allegedly demanded that the youngster perform oral sex on him as she started crying.

Ruth added that Carter allegedly brought her to a bed on the tour bus and continued to assault her there, despite the fact that she was still virginal.

According to the lawsuit, the putative victim claimed that she contracted HPV, a STI, as a result of the event. She is asking for monetary compensation for the alleged wrongdoing.

Carter’s attorney responded to Ruth’s charges by telling Page Six in a statement that they are “completely incorrect.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, Ms. Ruth has been duped into making false accusations against Nick over a number of years, and those accusations have altered repeatedly and dramatically over time.

There is absolutely no truth to this accusation, as the courts will swiftly understand, therefore no one should be duped by a press stunt organized by an opportunistic lawyer.