Once Listed Among Forbes’s Most Influential Women, Mom Blogger Dies At 47

Heather B. Armstrong used the negatives in her life to make a positive impact. In her blog and memoir, she openly shared her struggles with alcoholism and depression. In 2009, Forbes listed her among Forbes’ Most Influential Women. Unfortunately, her time on earth has been cut short.

Armstrong, who is better known to many as a mom blogger called Dooce, has died. Her boyfriend, Pete Ashdown, announced the sad news on Armstrong’s Instagram account. He posted a picture of her looking up and smiling. In the caption, he wrote, “Heather Brooke Hamilton aka Heather B. Armstrong aka dooce aka love of my life.” Then he shared her birth date and death date. He wrote, “July 19, 1975 – May 9, 2023.” He ended the post by writing, “Hold your loved ones close and love everyone else.”

Her followers were shocked at the news and devastated for her family. In the comments of the death announcement post, they shared their condolences. One comment reads, “I don’t have the words except to say that I’m holding her family in the light.”

Another person wrote, “Literally gasped out loud. She was a fierce spirit and a fighter through and through. Her words changed the world.”

Her followers also turned to another post to share their sorrow at her family’s loss. Armstrong had two children, 13-year-old Marlo and 19-year-old Leta. Both are from her previous marriage to Jon Armstrong. Just a few weeks ago the late mom blogger shared pictures of herself and her children enjoying Spring Break together.

In the comments, her followers are leaving comments reminding Armstrong’s children how much she loved them. One comment reads, “Your mom loved you so very much. I’m heartbroken for your loss. Your lives will never be the same. But her love for you lives on.”

Another comment reads, “Someone please watch over her kids – suicide is often part of grieving for those young.”

Hopefully in this case suicide won’t be a part of the grieving process for her children, but suicide is ultimately what ended Armstrong’s life. According to Ashdown, Armstrong took her own life. He found her dead in her home in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night, May 9, 2023. She was only 47 years old.

Ashdown shared with the Associated Press that Armstrong had been sober for 18 months, but shortly before her death, she had a relapse. He did not provide any details about the manner in which she died.

The New York Times described her as the “original influencer”:

With her blog, Dooce, she ushered in an age of confessional writing online by women, inspiring millions of readers and creators to come.

She’d also been nicknamked the “Queen of the Mommy Bloggers”.