Photo Shows Biden Kissing His Granddaughter, Not A 15-Year-Old

Photo shows Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden kissing a 15-year-old girl on the lips.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The photo shows Biden giving his 19-year-old granddaughter, Finnegan, a kiss during a campaign stop in Iowa in February.

False Claims Regarding Joe Biden Kissing a 15-Year-Old Girl Debunked

In a recent social media post, a photo of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden kissing his adult granddaughter, Finnegan, on the lips during a campaign stop in Iowa has been misrepresented with false claims suggesting he was kissing a 15-year-old girl. However, an assessment by the Associated Press confirms that the claims are untrue.

The Facebook post, shared over 1,400 times, falsely asserts that the image depicts Biden engaging in inappropriate behavior with a minor and questions his suitability as a Christian candidate.

However, the facts reveal a different story. During his speech at the campaign event, Biden made a remark about how teenage girls may feel embarrassed by their fathers, but the same sentiment does not typically extend to grandfathers. He emphasized the strong bond between granddaughters and their grandfathers, stating that granddaughters not only love them but also genuinely like them.

A video recording of the event provides further context. It shows that after his statement, Biden shared a brief kiss on the lips with his adult granddaughter before introducing her to the audience, saying, “I want you to meet Finnegan.”

In conclusion, the claims circulating on social media that Joe Biden was captured kissing a 15-year-old girl in the photograph are false. The image, in fact, shows him sharing an affectionate moment with his adult granddaughter during a campaign event in Iowa. It is crucial to verify information and rely on accurate sources to prevent the spread of misleading narratives.