Police Question Celeb As Possible Source Of Matthew Perry’s Death

There is a person of interest, possibly connected to the death of Matthew Perry. Police are questioning a celebrity, per an article published by In Touch.

According to People Magazine, “An investigative source with the LAPD confirms to PEOPLE that it is working with the DEA and the U.S. Postal Inspector to try to determine the source of the ketamine that led to Perry’s death. The source tells PEOPLE the LAPD’s investigation began in December 2023, following the coroner’s report.”

“They have basically been on the hunt for Matthew’s killer,” a source revealed to In Touch. “She’s a celebrity in her own right, and they met in rehab. They formed an unexpected friendship.” The source added that this woman has been brought in for questioning by law enforcement.

The primary cause of Matthew’s death was ruled to be from ketamine; while, drowning in the pool also contributed to the actor’s death. However, no drugs were present at his residence. “His last ketamine infusion therapy treatment with his doctor, which was conducted in an hour-long session with an IV, had been a week-and-a-half before. Because the drug metabolizes quickly, “the ketamine in his system at death could not be from that infusion therapy,” the medical examiner concluded in the report.”

Law enforcement officials suspect that Matthew received his “fatal dose” from another source.

“It’s tough to say or know exactly what her role is [in Matthew’s death], but she’s adamant she had nothing to do with that,” said the In Touch source. “She’s hired lawyers and has had multiple meetings with law enforcement since they arrived at her sober living house with a search warrant. She’s being tight-lipped about the situation. But the investigators must have known something to get a warrant and turn up like that.”

This celebrity woman in question is known by many because she is wed to a very popular celebrity. She met Matthew in rehab where the two became fast friends.

Law enforcement obtained a search warrant and searched her sober living house. She was surprised and had no idea this was going to happen. However, she fully cooperated with the search and was not arrested.

It is unknown what exactly the police were searching for; but, it was tied into the investigation of Matthew’s death.