Prince Louis Steals the Show During Royal Appearance, yet People Focused on One Detail

While the majority of the world would be attracted to his mother, Catherine, Princess of Wales, making her first public appearance in almost six months, Prince Louis, 6, stole the show with his hilarious facial expressions, raising many smiles. However, some fans noticed something unusual in his behavior.

On June 15, Prince Louis was with his family at King Charles’ birthday parade in London. While they watched from the Major General’s Office, he quickly charmed everyone online.

Wearing usual outfit of shorts with knee socks, a blazer, and a tie, Prince Louis rode in a horse-drawn carriage with Princess Kate and his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, during the procession through London. They traveled in the Glass Coach to stay dry in the gloomy weather.

After the event, many pics and videos depicting Prince Louis’s funny behavior started circulating, including a clip of nine-year-old Princess Charlotte showing her youngest brother how to stand for the national anthem. Initially, she stood up straight herself and then told Prince Louis to do the same, keeping his arms stiff by his side.

Prince Louis was seen in another video playing with curtain cords as he eagerly waited to join his family on the balcony for their appearance.

However, a funny clip posted on X showed Prince Louis swaying his hips and dancing to the band’s music. But while his mom, Kate Middleton, found his moves amusing, his older sister, Princess Charlotte, 9, didn’t seem as impressed, and many people noticed it.

The princess, acting as the responsible older sister, seemed to tell Louis to “stop” during their exchange. This adorable sibling interaction added a lighthearted moment to the event, delighting royal watchers and social media users alike.

After the Royal event, Princess Catherine honored her beloved husband.