Pregnant Chrissy Teigen, 36, says she has been coughing up blood… after suffering digestive issues

Chrissy Teigen continued to share her pregnancy journey with her 39 million Instagram followers on Saturday.

The pregnant cover girl, 36, looked like the perfect model mom in a white silk floral blouse as she posed for a series of snaps while she updated fans on her health.

‘This was yesterday. today I have two sick babies and I’m coughing up blood! I love fall,’ the model captioned two glamorous photos of herself.

Teigen posed amid a backdrop of magazine covers of herself on the wall behind her.

The beauty let her long wavy brunette hair fall naturally with a part in the middle and opted for bronze make up hue and pink lip stain.

Chrissy previously revealed she had been suffering digestive issues during her pregnancy.

The Cravings founder is finally getting some relief after receiving ‘acid reflux tape’ from her prenatal-focused chiropractor, Dr. Elliot Berlin.

Teigen stripped completely nude on her Instagram story to showcase the strategically placed black tape across her growing baby bump. She concealed her breasts with her arm as she leaned over her bathroom counter to capture the snap in the mirror.

Back in October, Teigen spoke candidly about her stomach issues and how eating the wrong foods can be debilitating.

‘I have lived the life of a spoiled rotten stomach. i could do ANYTHING to it – street meat, landlocked sushi, stuff that smelled off, 5 second rule floor food, ghost pepper contests, countless shots,’ she explained on Instagram.

‘And she was strong, my stomach. now, half of a single cherry tomato can take me down for 12 hours.’

Despite the discomfort, Teigen noted that she’s ‘still so happy’ to be her baby’s ‘rental home.’

She joyously announced back in August that she is pregnant with her and Legend’s third child after undergoing IVF treatment earlier this year.

They already share daughter Luna, six, and son Miles, four.

The child will technically be the couple’s fourth after aborting their son Jack, at 20 weeks gestation, when their doctor informed them that she and the baby would not survive otherwise.

Teigen previously stated that Jack died as a result of complications caused by a partial placental abruption, which is when the placenta detaches from the womb depriving the baby of oxygen and causing heavy bleeding in the mother.

She’s been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, along with other recent events in her and Legend’s growing family.