Tori Spelling Says Ulcer On Her Left Eye Caused by Sleeping with Her Contact Lenses: ‘It’s Not Healthy’

Tori Spelling is sharing a health update after being spotted with a bejeweled eye patch.

On the latest installment of the 9021OMG podcast, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 49, went into detail about how she developed an ulcer in her left eye, causing the need for the new accessory.

“It’s my fault. I did this to myself,” explained Spelling to cohost and former costar Jennie Garth. “I have contacts but I wear daily ones. So at the end of the day, kids, whatever, I can make all the excuses I want. I don’t take them out. I sleep in them. It’s not healthy, and you’re supposed to change them.”

While the TV personality did not specify how long she wore her contacts before developing the infection, she said she’s “been known to go maybe 20 days [wearing them].”

“I know you guys. It’s shaming. I tell my eye doctor. I’m totally transparent,” she added as her cohost joked, saying, “What’s wrong with you?”

Spelling revealed that her doctor said she was “lucky to get away with it,” considering what she’s done “with her eyes for this long.”

“Yes, I got lucky this time,” she said. “Not going to take it for granted,” adding that she would switch to monthly contact lenses once her eye heals.

According to medical professionals at Mount Sinai, corneal ulcers are most commonly caused by an infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi, or a parasite. Symptoms include blurry or hazy vision, bloodshot eyes, itching, sensitivity to light, and painful, watery eyes. While treatment depends on the cause, eye drops are typically prescribed to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Spelling first revealed the eye condition in a post shared on her Instagram Story on March 24 and explained that her doctor had prescribed antibiotics drops.

She wrote alongside a picture of herself lying down, “Thx to all the well wishes and concern. Everyone is asking if I scratched my cornea. It’s actually an ulcer on my eye. Antibiotic drops and Dr said it will ‘hopefully’ heal in 7-10 days.”