Prince Harry reveals how Queen Camilla tried to “get rid” of them during royal crisis in bombshell claim

In the midst of the royal crisis, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a dramatic exit from the Royal Family. The couple didn’t hold back, making shocking claims about the monarchy and damaging their relationship with the Firm. Queen Camilla, the stepmother of Prince Harry, was frequently mentioned in their interviews, Netflix series, and Harry’s memoir, Spare.

Queen Camilla's Reading Room Festival

Despite Camilla’s initial support for Meghan when she joined the Royal Family, their relationship remains strained. Prince Harry alleged that Camilla wanted to “solve all their problems” by sending them far away, effectively removing them from the picture.

Prince Harry reveals how Queen Camilla tried to "get rid" of them during royal crisis in bombshell claim

Queen Camilla & Meghan Markle’s Relationship

When Meghan Markle first joined the Royal Family, there was hope for a positive connection. Meghan, with her US background, brought promise to the monarchy. Initially, her relationships with Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, and even Camilla seemed to be going well. Camilla, who also married into the Royal Family, showed support for Meghan’s adjustment to royal life. She shared her own experiences with the press and offered advice on dealing with negativity.

Despite Camilla’s efforts, Meghan felt the lack of care for her well-being. In an ITV documentary, Meghan expressed her frustration, stating that few people asked about her mental health. However, a friend of Meghan revealed that Camilla had been supportive, inviting Meghan to private lunches and understanding the challenges of transitioning from a “normal” life to the royal spotlight.

Camilla’s Support and Meghan’s Perspective

Camilla truly empathized with Meghan, having faced her own share of negative press and hostility due to her relationship with Prince Charles. A palace insider shared that Camilla has always been welcoming and supportive to those who join the Royal Family. She strives to help them feel at ease and find their place within the royal sphere. However, Meghan seemed to have a different perspective, as revealed in Harry’s memoir.

Meghan’s Ordeal with the British Tabloids

The British tabloids put Meghan under intense scrutiny when she began dating Prince Harry in 2016. She faced racial abuse, a smear campaign, and relentless media intrusion. In response to this, Prince Harry issued a statement defending Meghan from the abuse and harassment she endured.

While Meghan appreciated Camilla’s support, she didn’t heed her advice to ride out the storm. According to Harry, Camilla also made a suggestion to get them “out of the picture” by proposing that he become Governor General of Bermuda.

The Aftermath and Queen Camilla’s Revenge

With Camilla taking on more responsibilities in the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan embarked on their own business ventures. Their relationships with Camilla and the rest of the royals reached a low point. A royal expert claimed that Camilla had gotten her revenge on Meghan through the success of her initiative, The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room. This book club, which started during the pandemic, became a massive hit. Camilla’s ability to attract renowned figures from the arts demonstrated her triumph in spite of the hurtful remarks made by Prince Harry.

As the royal saga continues, it remains uncertain if Harry and Meghan will ever reunite with the royal family. Share your opinion on this matter with friends and family by posting this article on Facebook. If you’re interested in reading more about the royal family, check out the article below!