Woman Who Lost Her Entire Forehead Warns People Not To Put Feet On Dashboard

A woman named Gráinne Kealy, from Ireland, has bravely come forward to share her devastating story in the hopes of preventing others from experiencing the same tragedy. Kealy’s shocking accident resulted in the loss of her forehead, and her warning has left people startled and affected.

Woman Who Lost Her Entire Forehead Warns People Not To Put Feet On Dashboard

One commenter on her story writes, “It just shows what a simple reckless decision can do…” Another adds, “Thank you for sharing this and giving others a chance to save themselves from this terrible experience! Bless you!” Kealy’s warning is making a significant impact.

Kealy’s life-changing accident occurred when her boyfriend’s jeep skidded on black ice, hit a wall, and the airbag deployed. Due to the positioning of her feet on the dashboard, her knees were propelled towards her head, shattering every bone in her face. This horrific 2006 incident resulted in a minor brain injury, severe facial injuries, and the need for surgeons to remove her forehead.

In several Facebook posts, Kealy explained how the placement of her feet directly on top of the airbag caused her knees to collide with her face at a speed of 200 mph. The force caused multiple facial fractures, a Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leak from her brain, and the loss of two teeth. Kealy remembers looking in the mirror for the first time after the accident and no longer recognizing herself. It was a deeply traumatic experience that she hopes nobody else has to endure.

Despite setbacks and the need for reconstruction, Kealy eventually received a new Italian ceramic forehead in 2009. Now, eight years on from the incident, Kealy spoke exclusively to LADbible about the night that changed her life forever.

Kealy’s story serves as a cautionary tale for those who put their feet on the dashboard. She hopes that sharing images of her injuries will make others think twice about this dangerous habit. Even famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have been seen in pictures with their feet on the dashboard, prompting Kealy to share her story on Facebook.

While Kealy acknowledges that she can’t compete with the reach of celebrities, she believes that even if her story can make a difference to just one person, it will be worth it. The response to her message has been overwhelming, with countless messages of gratitude and promises from people who vow to never put their feet on the dashboard again.

Kealy is touched by the positive feedback she has received and feels that knowing she is making a difference makes sharing her story worthwhile. She hopes that by raising awareness about the dangers of putting feet on the dashboard, others can avoid the same painful and life-altering experience she went through.

So, remember Gráinne Kealy’s story and keep your feet off the dashboard while driving. It may save you from a devastating accident that could change your life forever.