Reddit Story – She Came Early From Her Job And Found The Truth

27-year-old woman shared her sad relationship story on Reddit, relationship advice sub-reddit.

She shared her story of being cheat on.

“My husband has recently become very fit and has been consistently going to the gym, during which he made a female friend who he even brought home for dinner last week.”

“She’s beautiful and thin and everything I am not, which instantly made me feel horrible,”

“So, I talked to him about it. He encouraged me to build my confidence and reassured me he loved me and would always be loyal to me,” she explained.

She was an OB nurse, so her shift hours were unpredictable. One day she came home earlier than she should. She saw a pair of female shoes at the garage entrance.

“I walked into the laundry room from the garage and sort of tiptoed around the house before going upstairs,”

When she reached to their bedroom, she left in tears. She saw her husband with that female friend of him.

She left the house without noticing them. She returned to her hospital.

“I silently left the room and got back in my car with tears streaming down my face and drove to get food and just sat in my car crying since.”

Her husband called some time later, for she wasn’t home even after the time she should be.

She said that her shift has extended.

“Its now almost 1am (walked in on them at 7pm) and I’ve returned to the hospital. He called me asking why I wasn’t home and I told him my shift is extended but in reality, I’m laying in one of the on call rooms bawling my eyes out as I type this.”

“I feel so worthless and ugly and stupid. I don’t even know how to proceed. On one hand I want to divorce him and never see him again, but on the other hand, I’m an ugly woman….its not like I can do better. I just want to die. I feel so gross and the self-loathing is getting too much right now. Advice please.”

Peopele made many comments about the situation and gave some advice.

“Take it from me – the worst possible thing is to stay with him because you are afraid of not finding someone else.

Life is just too short to be miserable with someone who doesn’t value you.

You are still young- don’t waste that time.” Adviced one redditor.

“I agree. Op is only 27, that is still quite young and leaves plenty of time to find new love and move on. It will suck to be divorced so young as well, but I rather be a divorceé then be the other woman in my own marriage.” Wrote another one.

“I got my divorce at 40; it would have been much easier at 27!” commented another.

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