Watch who sneaks up behind the man as he prepares to take a selfie.

It’s not unusual for us to go for our camera to record a memorable occasion. However, the popularity of selfies in recent years has made it irrelevant if there isn’t somebody around to record the occasion for us.

But not just humans enjoy striking a pose for the camera.

Animal pictures are everywhere on social media; we enjoy seeing our furry pals more than our human buddies!

However, this particular animal won the hearts of countless people because he took time out of his adventurous day to make sure he didn’t miss the ideal photo opportunity.

This man was out on his boat, taking in the sun and the sea. He pulled his camera out and prepared to photograph the precious moment.

He was not, however, the only person taking the selfie; someone else also wanted to take part.

A seal leaped out of the ocean and joined him on his boat as he sat there with his camera.

He had to hit record immediately to tell everyone about his new acquaintance because he was so shocked.

The seal began to cuddle up to the man’s shoulder, completely unfazed by the weird human being.

The man was astounded by how kind this seal was. Since seals can be hostile despite being cute, this is thought to be very odd.

When this seal decided to hang out with his new human friend on his boat, he went entirely against the grain.

“Here’s my new friend,” the man says to the camera as he captures this unusual occasion.

A fantastic movie clip of two pals as a result. In the video below, you can see them posing alongside one another.

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