«What Did She Do to Her Face?», Lisa Rinna’s Latest Appearance Sparks Controversy

At the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards, Lisa Rinna, the multi-talented actress, model, and author, graced the red carpet at the age of 60. Renowned for her iconic performances in

«What Did She Do to Her Face?», Lisa Rinna’s Latest Appearance Sparks Controversy

Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rinna continues to shine, demonstrating that dedication and skill triumph over the passage of time.

Lisa Rinna, an avid fashion enthusiast, consistently captivates with her signature style, making waves in the fashion scene. At her latest outing, she opted for a striking black Spring/Summer 2024 Viktor & Rolf Couture dress, adorned with a bold oversized bow at the waist. Keeping her accessories understated, Rinna allowed the gown to take center stage, effortlessly commanding attention.

Throughout the years, Rinna has been transparent about her choice to undergo multiple cosmetic procedures, embracing them openly. Her journey began with lip enhancements, which she initially found satisfying. However, complications arose when silicone injections resulted in seepage and subsequent permanent scar tissue formation in her lips.

The actress revealed, «I am the perfect poster child for what not to do on a whim. «With all that’s happened with the lip, I can show them that you need to love yourself for who you are and embrace how you look.» Rinna gives credit to anybody «that wants to age their way — whether you want to do everything to yourself, or nothing to yourself. It’s really how you feel the most comfortable.»

Fans have swiftly reacted to Rinna’s recent appearance, with numerous observations of a notable change, prompting questions like, «What did she do to her face?» One supporter expressed empathy for the hurdles women encounter in showbiz, acknowledging its tough and unyielding nature, and stating, «I worry about doctors who would do this to a naturally beautiful face.»

For certain individuals, plastic surgery can be a source of empowerment, offering the opportunity for subtle enhancements that boost confidence. Ultimately, it’s crucial to embrace the person we see in the mirror, regardless of any alterations. Discover more about the most regretted cosmetic procedures among celebrities here.